A Blessing To All

Lucky in life

Colleen Millsteed
JOliver’s Twist
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2 min readJun 15, 2024


A strong and handsome man.
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He scowls at the wind that bashes him solid,
Washing his hands of the camaraderie of the past,
He whispers his feeling of rage upon the airways,
His defence against those feelings that never last.

He carries the weight of his pack upon his heart,
Enduring their weakness and days of tears,
He scolds them to strength and forgotten courage,
Shouldering their grappling of any incessant fears.

He calls out the enemy with the wicked thoughts,
Laughing at their naivety and lack of foresight,
He’ll best their bravery with one arm tied behind his back,
And still endeavour to be the successor of the fight.

He whistles to his comrade, his trusty steed,
Rippling muscle under skin of midnight black,
Flowing mane streaming in glorious precision,
A proud thoroughbred, not a peasant throwback.

The sun smiles down upon his antics,
The moon shimmers in delight as he bares his skin,
The wind befriends amidst tendrils of desire,
And the animals allow the welcoming to begin.



Colleen Millsteed
JOliver’s Twist

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