He Experiences The Darkness

He fights to win

Colleen Millsteed
JOliver’s Twist
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3 min readJun 2, 2024


A cloaked man of the night.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Sunrise is his favourite time of the day,
When the rest of the world sleeps and he lavishes in peace,
The animals scavenge for their final meal before settling down to rest,
He takes nothing for granted, knowing any day he could cease.

He walks the darkness of his tortured mind,
Living in a world of beings severely misunderstood,
The inky blood that runs through their blackened hearts,
Living life in an atmosphere where only the strongest could.

Spinning stories revolve around his crisp reputation,
Leaving many confused at that which they find tough to believe,
Wanderings throughout the nightmares of the lowest of low,
Imaginations that run horrid, they could never conceive.

He can roam comfortably in either reality,
Classified as a hero, while scolded within his dreams,
His strength rallies an army to discipline those out of line,
Coaching the evil nightmares, toning their extremes.

He whispers into the ears of the mightiest of scoundrels,
Imparting his wisdom to…



Colleen Millsteed
JOliver’s Twist

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