My Heart Weeps

How do I say goodbye

Colleen Millsteed
JOliver’s Twist
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2 min readJun 10, 2024


A burning heart.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

My heart weeps with the very thought,
Tears pool to drown its beat,
Fissures tear the pain wide open,
As hours turn up the heat.

My chest aches at the upcoming goodbye,
My fear intensified for not one but two,
Not knowing the future possibilities hits home hard,
Understanding it could be the end is due.

How to block off the rearview mirror,
Letting go as I drive the highway,
Leaving to follow dreams that I must do solo,
Doesn’t let out all I wish I could say.

The weeks cascade into the now,
I wish to crawl into your heart and forever hide,
I fear I cannot leave you behind,
Wanting nothing more than to keep you by my side.

I’m trying to trust you’ll do just fine,
You’re certainly confident enough for us both,
But not knowing what tomorrow will bring,
Kills me in a way I absolutely loath.

I’ve not been alone for so very long,
Because you’ve always been tethered to my soul,
To make…



Colleen Millsteed
JOliver’s Twist

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