The Strength Within

Both his security and his cage

Colleen Millsteed
JOliver’s Twist
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2 min readFeb 11, 2024


A woman holding a cage and the man who escaped that cage is standing screaming his frustration to the skies.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

He wears his camouflage in a manner that depicts reality,
Flouncing his hidden personality in ways you and I can only assume,
Hidden is his vulnerabilities, his weaknesses and his dreams,
His societal persona is carefully cultivated into the perfect costume.

He wanders the streets tall and proud, while quivering inside,
A smile alights upon his glorious face, as dread sinks within his chest,
He hauntingly projects a confidence of self esteem,
But it’s his self hatred he struggles with at best.

His skin has thickened from past turmoil,
His heart guarded from the professed love of yesteryear,
He hides the thorns that irritate his side,
Listening carefully to the unsaid betrayals he fears he’ll hear.

He has an inner strength that we can only marvel upon,
One built brick by brick to shore up any inner cracks,
Experience after experience training his psyche,
Despondent at the abilities he feels he lacks.



Colleen Millsteed
JOliver’s Twist

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