A Natural Approach To Communications

Nadine Zamira, co-founder and Executive Director of LeafPlus

Nadine travelled from Indonesia to participate in Jolkona’s very first Catalyst cohort. Nadine is the co-founder of a communications agency, LeafPlus, that focuses on sustainability projects through inspiring perceptions, emotions and actions. LeafPlus works with government agencies, businesses, NGO’s, schools and communities to identify their sustainability objectives and translate complex concepts into creative, engaging and easily shared stories.

We asked Nadine what inspired her to start this venture. Here’s what she shared with us:

“I saw a very urgent issue, but, at the same time, I saw how disconnected people were from it. I became frustrated by the way nature and its relationship with humans were being represented in our communications. Campaigns were intimidating, badly designed, and full of information the audience can’t process. They did not inspire love or empowerment to take action. We quickly learned that the uncharted field of sustainability communications translates into many things we did not project. Which is great, we get a kick from the adventure!”

A creative communications firm with sustainability at the heart of our work.