A Tale of Transformation

Light of Hope’s journey from nonprofit to social enterprise

Waliullah Bhuiyan is the co-founder and CEO of Light of Hope. He joined Jolkona’s Catalyst program in November 2015.

Light of Hope began as a nonprofit focused on helping schools provide high-quality elementary level education especially in rural areas of Bangladesh. They developed a solar powered classroom solution with pre-loaded educational content. They had already equipped 4 classrooms with this solution and as a result were improving the education of 322 children. In their Jolkona Catalyst application, Wali was asked to share where he wanted his organization to be in 5 years and he wrote:

In 5 years from now, Light of Hope will transform itself completely from non-profit organization to social business and generate its own revenue.

Wali and his team were able to achieve that goal in a single year. Today Light of Hope is a sustainable social enterprise creating educational products like Sputnique — a solar powered classroom in a bag. Sputnique gives teachers everything they need to easily create classrooms even in the most remote off-grid areas.

Sputnique — everything a teacher needs to set up a solar powered school.