JOMBA! at the KZNSA Gallery

The 2016 JOMBA! festival is proud to be presenting its 1st year of a long term collaboration with the KZNSA Gallery.

1. (the gallery entrance)

“Calle Obrapia #4” (France)

Danced by Anne Reymann, Corinne Pontana, Rolando Rocha, Jean-Antoine Bigot and Anne Le Batard
 Music composed by Pascal Ferrari (see page 6 for more information).

2. (restaurant area)

Across, not Over” (India)

Concept / Choreography: Preethi Athreya

Performance: Vikram Iyengar

Music Arrangement: Siddhartha Bhattacharyya

Vocal: Sudokshina Manna Chatterjee

Music Courtesy: Ranan and Samskritiki Shreyaskar (Calcutta)

Talk Courtesy: Godrej India Culture Lab (Mumbai)

Sound Score / Scenography: Preethi Athreya

Recording and Mixing: Palani, VASCOM Studios

Photographs: Preethi Athreya and Sumiron Ghosh

Supported by: India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore

“Across, not Over” engages with the fragmentation of the body in an essentially sensorial way. The work draws out the minuscule details of movement to re-present them in a newly-assembled poetics. It presents a grammar for the body that allows the vulnerability of the dancer to rise to the surface. The exploration questions and re-frames notions of classicism and beauty by presenting the dancing body as an image of itself. The work is a result of a dialogue between two classically-trained dancers from two very different forms of dance. Athreya’s background in bharatanatyam and subsequent body of choreographic work within the contemporary genre, meets very personal concerns of the performer Vikram Iyengar and his deep and continuing relationship with the Kathak form.