PLEASE NOTE: These workshops are offered free of charge to participants but booking is essential as places are limited. The workshops are only open to dancers 16yrs and older.

- Call 082 875 6065 during office hours or e-mail ( to book a place; at least 2 days in advance of the workshop

· 25 August (Thursday): 4–6pm

Workshop facilitator: Fabrice Mazliah (MAMAZA — Switzerland)

This workshop will explore the creation methods used by MAMAZA to create their work “EIFO EFI”. Ideas such as counter pointed co-ordinations, multi-tasking, multilayered movement and juxtaposition, and the correlation between thought and movement, enabling skillful, playful and spontaneous dance outcomes.

· 27 August (Saturday): 10am — 12noon

Workshop facilitator: Didier Boutiana (Company SOUL CITY — Reunion)

This workshop will explore the intense physicality of Soul City’s evolving dance language and the interface between urban dance and contemporary dance — prepare for a workout!

· 28 August (Sunday): 10am — 12noon

Workshop facilitators: Gaby Saranouffi (Madagascar) with the assistance of Desiré Davids (South Africa) & Edna Jaime (Mozambique)

This workshop will consist of a short warm-up and will continue with improvisation techniques used during the creation of “LADY, LADY”. The remainder of the time will be spent on teaching an extract from the performance — this is great way to learn current repertoire!

· 30 August (Tuesday): 5–7pm

Workshop facilitator: Preethi Athreya (India)

This workshop will explore the science of hand gestures from Indian classical dance forms — to distance the idea of signification — to arrive at an abstract contemporary language of gestures, dance and movement.

(The JOMBA! workshop programme is also hosting a closed “dance encounter” workshop between Manesh Maharaj (Durban) and Vikram Iyengar (Calcutta) — both experts in the art of Kathak. This is part of JOMBA!’s mandate to share skills between guest international and local dancers).

· 4 September (Sunday): 10am — 12noon

Workshop facilitator: Vincent Mantsoe (South Africa/France)

This workshop will explore the intense physical performance language of Mantsoe that is a combination of African, Asian and European dance genres and styles. Evocative of the genesis of an “African Contemporary” dance style and training.