“KZN ON THE EDGE” is a new JOMBA! platform that seeks to support fresh and innovative contemporary dance work coming out of the KZN region. Choreographers and companies will be selected each year due to new work made either on the previous year’s JOMBA! Fringe or at other regional performance spaces. Work that has potential for growth, via our JOMBA! platform, will be given support via a small performance grant and possible interface with a mentor and a lighting designer depending on the needs of the choreographer. This is JOMBA!’s inaugural “KZN ON THE EDGE” — enjoy!

1. “one man, one light”

Direction and Choreography — David Gouldie

Lighting Design — Michael Taylor-Broderick (thanks to DWR Distribution)

Sound Design — Liam (Veranda Panda) Magner

Performed by — Belinda Henwood

Programming — Nick Britz

Sound Engineering — Colin Peddie

Inspired by the Italian ‘La Linea’ cartoon series, ‘One Man One Light explores and showcases the versatility of a single light source through its interaction with a solitary dancer/performer.

“In the right light at the right time, everything is extraordinary” — Aaron Rose