“EIFO EFI” choreographed and danced by Ioannis Mandafounis and Fabrice Mazliah (Pic: Val Adamson)

talk dancing on stage…

by Mdu Mtshali

Lights on, two white bodies burst into the space.

Their casual, understated costumes, almost a counterpoint for the complexities contained in the work. The dancer/choreographers Ioannis Mandafounis and Fabrice Mazlian) speak throughout, a narrative of detailed observations of people, at one point, revealed as members of the audience, as they perform a complex series of movements and gestures that explore their connectivity as performers to each other, their bodies, and the audience who are forced out of complacency in viewing the work.

I was obsessed with the technology of the body in EIFO EFI. This exceptional choreography articulates different ways of communicating ideas to audiences, through the use of the body and voice. Ideas that might move them, touch them, and offer several perspectives to the same observations. During their dance, hand movements and head tilts regularly stand for the motion of different body parts: a hand movement may represent a leg movement, a head turn may represent a torso turn or a whole body turn; if the legs perform in parallel, one leg may stand in for two. Their duet offers a dynamic take on how dance might serve as a vehicle of/for thought.

I hate to say that there isn’t another opportunity for you to go see this work, but trust me, if you can make the trip to The Sneddon Theatre, please do! There is more to come…