My 2016 writing

My favorite symbol of the 2016 election: President Camacho

Over the past year, I’ve written in depth profiles of most of the Republican candidates — some of whom talked to me and some who didn’t — and of the dynamics at play in a historic election.

Here’s a list of those pieces:

Is Evan McMullin’s presidential candidacy just a protest, or something bigger?

If the election is close, it’s nerd time

Evangelical Exiles: How Trump is pushing some believers away from the GOP

Tim Scott rounds up GOP senators to focus on poverty

The Cleveland convention is ratifying the GOP’s loss of party power

Chaos on the Convention Floor

In Cleveland, a dazed GOP marches toward a Trump nomination

American Politics has been reformed to death

Paul Ryan’s collision with Donald Trump has been building for years

Why Paul Ryan Is Opposing Trump

Cruz shocks his supporters with a sudden exit

A party primary ‘is not a public decision,’ rules expert says

The Battle for the soul of Evangelicalism

Why Chris Christie never went after Donald Trump

Rubio and Trump present GOP with choice of radically different futures

This defeat is not an orphan: The Trump blame game

Is Marco Rubio a Leader?

For Jeb Bush, humiliation made survival possible

These are the people who stand in line to see Donald Trump

The Political Education of Ben Carson

The Donald Trump Liberty University Road Show

The religious leader Ted Cruz needs, but not too close

Rubio’s supporters are the future of evangelicalism. But will they vote?

Jeb + Blackberry < Marco + iPhone

Why is Lindsey Graham Running for President?

John Kasich Needs a Coffee, Already

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