About the Jonas behind the Chronicles

Welcome! I’m Jonas Ellison, the Chief/Sole Editor and Head Janitor around these parts and I’m honored to have such a motley crew of folks like you who read this publication. I’d love to make your experience here as comfy cozy as possible.

I’m the dad of a little girl, a working househusband, and a midlife seminarian.

In the spring of 2015, I started a daily blog. What began as a 30-day creative experiment turned into an addiction and eventually a life purpose. Four years and 1400+ posts later, I somehow ended up with the #1 single-author publication here at Medium.com with a readership of over 70,000 people (way more than I can fit into my living room).

Today, this publication is more of a twice-a-week occasion and my daily musings have moved to my personal website at JonasEllison.com.

I am my own subject matter, and I mostly tend to write about life, faith, and work through personal essays and attempted poems.

The random stuff…

Now for the fun, irrelevant stuff…

First and foremost, if I’m going to be giving myself labels here, I may as well start with the obvious. I register as an INFP and a 9w8 on the Enneagram, so I’m the most passive-aggressive and emotionally conflicted person I know.

I’m also a glutton for comfort. I blame it on my Danish roots, but I can be classified as a hyggespreader (one who spreads hygge). Count me in for sweaters, flannels, strong coffee (not the hipster stuff that tastes like raisin and orange peel tea — I’d rather drink Folgers than that nonsense), open fires (anywhere on the spectrum from candle to bonfire), shoulder seasons (spring and fall), newgrass music (Chris Thile, Bella Fleck, Aoife O’Donovan, Sarah Jarosz, etc.), mountain lakes, cityscapes, tasteful architecture, cabin porn, well-written books, good poetry, natural lighting, paper, German beer, slow hikes, funny stories, and deep (but not heavy) conversations.

About the whole ‘Christian’ thing

Yes, I am a Christian, but I’m not here to make you one…

Faith plays a big role in my life. I’m currently attending seminary full-time (at age 40, wish me luck) in order to someday become a Lutheran pastor. That being said, I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘Christianity blog’. More so, it’s a blog authored by someone who identifies as a Christian.

This blog isn’t my ‘virtual church’ (an oxymoron, in my opinion). Rather, it’s my public journal and scrapbook of sorts that will follow me around even if I someday get excommunicated and end up driving a garbage truck for a living (it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, so please don’t feel sorry for me if it happens).

For transparency sake, I want to add one thing… Because describing myself as a ‘Christian’ is kind of like describing what I drive as a ‘car’. Just as there are many types of cars, there are also many types of Christians (over 40,000 denominations in the US alone). So, to narrow my proverbial make and model of the Christian faith down, I’ll give you a super short gist:

I’m an ELCA Lutheran and classify myself as a progressive traditionalist. I’m both spiritual/mystical AND religious/theological. I fully affirm gay marriage and LGBTQ+ clergy. I’d love to see more women and people with darker shades of skin in clerical leadership roles. That being said, I prefer old hymns and traditional liturgy to modern church warehouses and rock n’ roll praise music.


Please know that everything expressed here could very well be complete rubbish and is merely my way of seeing it at the moment I click ‘publish’. I am not a trained and monitored authority, merely a rogue layman with a platform and a strong opinion.

I post daily (at least, more-daily-than-not) and have been doing it for almost four years. So, yes, there are definitely contradictions and discrepancies in my work. Again, opinions, not facts here, friends.

Anyhow, I’ll stop now. You’re here and I think that’s awesome. Welcome. I hope you enjoy the daylight out of it.

As Ever,

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