Second-hand stress
Jonas Ellison

Excellent! And, oh how pervasive this is…

It is an addiction; I often thought my attraction to people full of secondhand stress activators was because my life was so void of these exciting predicaments. But, one day after the person who’s web I was caught in, became furious because I dared to remind them how much they despised (whatever it was….).

I was dumbfounded. What had I done? Agreed with & remembered a previous ranting session we had? And dared to remind them? Aha!

There we have it. Sick is as sick does…so I bowed out; politely — like when you visit a sick friend in the hospital, but just didn’t realize how truly sick they were. The tubes & lights from machines keeping them alive were, tho. You quietly think, “oh Noooo! Never me, Please!” And you leave; gotta get back to the land of the living…

Whew. That was close! Right?

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