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Don’t Call Them Millennials.

AMEX Company Presentation, 2018

The house no young person will ever afford
Credit: Struthless

Today’s theme is ‘Stop Making Sense.’ I think it’s apt.

This is what happens when you call millenials ‘millenials’. Credit: Pat Stevenson

Let’s talk about Australiana.

Credit: Patrick Stevenson, Hobo
Credit: Betoota Advocate

Identity is important to kids.

Grant Treblico, One Wave Is All It Takes
Credit: Life Without Andy

Were you a rock and roll kid growing up ? I was. They don’t exist anymore.

Bilie Eilish, challenging genre definitions, has become one of the biggest stars in the world primarily through her pre-eminence in streaming.

For the first time since Jesus walked on water, it’s not a great year to be a powerful white male.

The spectacular rise and fall of State Farm’s ‘Fearless Girl.’
Credit: Struthless

So what’s the link between a world that makes no sense and powerful people being held to account? Activism.

Stop Making Sense.



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