Acquisitions, integrations, pandemics and legacies

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I don´t usually publish auto-bibliographic contents, but I have the habit of practicing a quick summary when I close a professional chapter in Corporates. In fact, that´s what I did with Nutricia, Orion, Biogen and right now it´s the turn for Takeda, which stage I closed at the end of 2022.

Acquisition, purchases and integrations in Biotech.

Acquisitions and purchase operations in healthcare industry are so common but I had the clear idea of taking part in this process between Takeda & Shire, since my first professional contact with this Japanese company. I wanted to live this experience from inside.

Many of the living circumstances where common in these cases, but a pandemic and its effects were not planned, like these long lockdowns and uncertain time, with a Company without consolidating a corporative culture, internal processes and operations, etc.

No doubt, those moments were the most intensive throughout my professional career.

But in any circumstances, we always have to leave things better than when we found them (Legacy). During this period of time, I am especially proud of these project management scenarios:

Press Conference: First Darvadstrocel administration in Spain. In the picture, regional payers, hospital managers, Head of Services from Hospital Pharmacy, Surgery, Digestive, Radiology and Patient Association.
  • First ALOFISEL administration in Spain. Cell therapy.
  • Premiere in following up value based scenarios with National payers. (VALTERMED).
  • Healthcare Integrated Plans in AHDH (2).
  • IBD Innovative Healthcare Observatories.
  • Healthcare Integrated Plan in IBD.
  • KOAN Project, whit IBD educational contents in Public Health and Epidemiologý.
  • HUMMAN Projects in Onco- Hematology (2).
  • Signing the First PORTFOLIO scenario (contracting) at international level, in the new Company after consolidating that integration.
  • INGESA management by territories in Hemophilia (tendering).
  • Digital Health Innovation HUB for Spanish and Portuguese payers (TAKEDATA).
  • Pull and push projects in Artificial Intelligence, proposing algorithms designed to improve early detection and preventive medicine, innovative public procedure in cell therapy (EuroRegion), etc.
  • Apart from taking part in a prolific stage in the Company, with a lot of pricing and reimbursement approvals and launch in cell therapy, IBD, lung cancer, AHDH, HAE and other rare diseases.
  • Moving on to framework agreement of collaborations, ensuring support to elaborate protocols and strategic position at clinical level, etc.
TAKEDATA (in a presential and virtual way): Digital Health Innovation HUB with payers from Iberia (Spain & Portugal).

You can see all details about these strategic actions in Project management Area/ Takeda in this blog.

The main idea of all these actions is clear: to move, align and integrate visions from payers and the Company, always putting the patient in the centre, and when the moment to leave comes, proceed without any single problem about access in therapies with pricing and reimbursement approvals.

At external level, how to explain the fantastic professional and personal profiles from these Access customers: National and regional payers, hospital managers, Heads of Hospital Pharmacies, Patients associations, and of course, physicians; but not less important during these 4´5 years, was being lucky to come across great people, who helped me a lot with their X- functional collaboration, moving forward in all these scenarios. Without them, all this project management development would be impossible.

I would therefore like to appreciate their support and professionality in a public way to Jaime Rivas, Sol Ruiz, Antonio Castro, Justo Moreno, Jesús Macarrón, Isabel Cortés, Mamen Conde, Bea Cuellar, Vicente Martinez, Isabel Taboada, Ana Ribera, Jose Rodriguez, Jose A. Herrero, Rocío González, Angel Lucio, Leo Álvarez, Mara Cabal, Sebas Delgado, María Montoya, Teo Gomez, Ana León, Leti Serrano, Gustavo López, Eva Escobar, Ana Roa, Carmen González, Eva Alberte, among others.

I understand my professional career like an exercise of added experiences, cycles and stages and there is no doubt, after this intensive period, with this acquisition, integration process, a pandemic (and effects), as well as consecutive changes in strategic positions at internal level, my job was done by the end of 2022.

Good luck to all of my colleagues in the future.


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