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Alcaraz & Zverev vs. Nadal and his rare disease: Health and calendar

Semifinal in the Mutua Madrid Open 2022, you are Carlos Alcaraz and playing against your idol Rafa Nadal, you win 6–2 in the first set meanwhile you are competing in the second one. You go to the limit, you twist your ankle and although this fall is amazing, you can continue, you manage to finish, and you are and win the Final. Yet, before the Final, you woke up early in the morning with an intensive pain in you ankle, and you need a physio session to face this Final versus Zverev. Let´s talk precisely about Zverev, in the same situation weeks later.

Semifinal in Roland Garros 2022, you are the German player, playing against Rafa Nadal, you lose the first set in the tiebreak and when you´re about to play the second one (tiebreak), you go to the limit, you twist your ankle, and this fall has the worst consequences. You have to leave and apart from that, Doctors confirm the worst diagnostic: you tear your three ligaments in your right ankle. In this same week your best ATP ranking is published, the 2nd place.

In both cases, the same opponent, with the same fall and totally different consequences. But let´s keep to these scenarios, move on with the opponent: Rafael Nadal Parera.

Probably the most incredible competing that I have ever seen, at least at individual sport. Amazing mental strength, able to get through any kind of game situation, he has the capacity to leave behind any idea about his physical chronic problem which he has from 2005.

Muller- Weiss is a rare disease, degenerative and a tarsal scaphoid dysplasia, a deformity of one of the bones located in the middle of the foot and which is essential for the mobility of this one. The most difficult about this pathology, are not only symptoms, as it usually presents with osteoarthritis and is only perceptible through radiology, that is why it is so difficult to diagnose until it progresses.

Nadal raised his 14th Roland Garros title, his 22nd Grand Slam and in this moment, Rafa Nadal explained: “I prefer to lose the final and have a new foot. Life is much more important than a tittle”.

Whenever Rafa Nadal has a health problem, with his chronic pain (now treated with pulsed radiofrequency) o with any other physical problem or injury, he always makes a reference about calendar. You need a schedule. Quick diagnostic, we need a name and we put deadlines, action plan, and a recovery date. It´s the only way to manage time when you have a health inconvenient.

Parallels between life and sport are constant. Alex Corretja aware of this effort behind the athlete to get this amazing goal in Paris, and Alex commented to all of us: “We need to enjoy the moment, because time goes by”.

Three months ago, I wrote a post, where I left a reading pill with Angel Ruiz- Cotorro, Rafa Nadal´s personal Doctor, where he explained that the future is wellbeing medicine.

In this sense, in Health Policy, and from Life Sciences & Healthcare Companies, we must collaborate with public and private administrations, including before starting pricing and reimbursement processes, helping organizations to revise healthcare assistance plans by therapeutic areas, updating and aligning these to new times and innovating solutions which we have. Exploring at the same time this route from product to service.

In Sports Area, we have been investing — and defending- a new industrial and digital ecosystem for a long time. which is going to become global and accessible for general population, for those who are not professional athletes.

Examples like these exposed before, or like swimmer Anita Álvarez´s case, all of these confirm how necessary it´s to practice early diagnostics and stablish schedules, action plans, etc. to avoid the worst scenarios at health level.

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