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Critical thinking versus isomorphism (I)

My first ideas in this publication are aligned with practicing an apology in defense of prevention medicine. RECOMMENDATION: Please, feel free to include in your yearly routine these clinical habits. It could be something evident as we all know, but it´s necessary to keep reminding ourselves like kids.

Apart from that, our guest this month is Pedro Novás, a regional healthcare payer profile who after more than fifteen years of public service, decided to move on strategic consultancy in this sector, five years ago. I didn´t know Pedro, but after being in an event last year, after closing that meeting we had the opportunity to share the same way of thinking about how to create different scenarios, possibilities, etc. specially based on new approaches focused on product + service vision, more than selling a medicine, a treatment, etc. It´s not usual to find people who understand this type of conversation, based on a critical thinking about how this sector- in general- is being worked on.

That hated isomorphism which is driving us nowhere.

By the way, don´t forget to revise STARTUP PILLS at the end of this post, because we are going to introduce to you the radical change in recruiting and talent management in this sector. Lack of transparency in selection process is about to end.

After having several conversations with Pedro, we decided to open a number of publications .about Critical Thinking versus isomorphism in Life Sciences & Healthcare, so Sir, welcome to your home and now it´s your turn:

“In my fifteen years as a regional healthcare payer, I had always seen pharmaceutical industry from admiration, respect and curiosity. But curiosity mainly based on knowing how it was going on at internal level. I imagined ideas from Hollywood films in 80´s and 90´s based on success, power, glamour, great managers, etc. Probably, an idea from the past, with great revenues and incomes after great launches. But the point is, I have been supporting more than fifteen companies during these five years, and this is not the current moment and scenario at professional level. I think it´s due to this glorious past, living on rents and the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry is not aligned to these times of change at different levels, starting from the society and needs.

Making some quick analysis, from a critical point of view, these last five years working with Life Sciences and Healthcare industry, I think there are three points which are creating this tough situation for Companies:

The Fist one is due to traditional commercial view focused on to guarantee revenues based on sales. The point to sale a product is not everything right now. Time goes by and Companies need to be aligned with new ways of doing business (health results, value based contracting, services, prevention, adherence, traceability, patient satisfaction & support programs, satisfaction from healthcare staff, etc.).

The Second one is linked with human resources. Lack of internal leadership is key to ensure all these changes to business models, this lack of critical cross- functional way of working to develop value from co- creation and this lack of space for creativity and innovation are a real problem.

And the last and most important point, the Third one, is about Strategy. Which was the biggest surprise for me. Strategy is normally not Corporate 100% and if it were, it´s not aligned at internal communication level. That the reason for making mistakes at decision level, some of them incredible, including creating a conflict in different Departments and between People, and the most important thing, creating bad impact in external customers.

Sometimes, when I come back home after attending a professional meeting with a Company, I think: What would I do if a were this manager? I know it´s not easy because these Companies are so complicated with bureaucracy, procedures, controls, Compliance, etc. Apart from Egos, fighting for power at internal level, something similar with public sector, believe me. I know it.

So, I feel in disposition to mention a number of key actions, to improve these commented topics and help to go on and update Companies to these times:

1. Introduce new profiles.

2. Create new áreas and spaces.

3. Create culture innovation at Corporate Level.

4. Manage therapeutic áreas at individual level.

5. Create and coordinate cross- functional working teams.

6. Reset value proposal at Corporate level.

7. Co- create to manage complex markets.

8. New CRM and new tools to manage customers.

9. Listen in an active way to customers and to attend their needs.

10. Improve Comunication based on Tecnology

Meanwhile, as Director in Canda Health Solutions, I hope I can continue to help update this pharmaceutical sector. And I am just a small part of the consultancy environment, because I met a lot of fantastic professionals from consultancy like Jordi Varela, Javier Colas, Ignacio Medrano, Guzmán López, Rodrigo Gómez, Borja Smith, Oriol Solà-Morales, Fran Chuan among others.

At personal level, I will always see pharmaceutical industry from admiration, respect and great curiosity, having the opportunity of finding great professionals and people like Jose”.


Master in “ Patient Access to Medicines Value and Healthcare Technologies”. A Degree by Francisco de Vitoria University. Supported by AELMHU, AMIFE, APRI, ASD, FENIN. Scholarship´s application time has just been opened.

Medical Affair International Master. Program which is part of Educational offer by Biotech and Pharma School lead by Professor Cesar Nombela.

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A change is needed. Jose Vidal & César Nombela. PM Farma. February 2021.

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Manfred and Recruiting revolution.

In November 2021, I shared how lucky I was — Thanks to Dani and David Pardo- to know such a guy like David Bonilla. His platform Manfred is focused on technical IT profiles, but during this lunch meeting about IT, SportsTECH, etc. I said to David: “When you decide to approach the world of Life Sciences & Healthcare you are going to break the rules”, and Ekuore decided to take this step in this platform.

Manfred mindset is to manage talent and not selection processes, this vision gives transparency to the process, and David explains perfectly this idea in this thread on Twitter (in Spanish):

And honestly, a platform like this one is so necessary in this Health Sciences area, because sometimes we live different strange situations linked with different selection processes due to this lack of transparency and exclusivity, also managing talent at internal level in Companies.


(ES) #86: El mapa de las culturas. Kaizen, con Jaime Rodríguez de Santiago.

(ES) #87 Pensamiento crítico: palomas bailarinas, Mickey Mouse y un kit para detectar charlatanes. Kaizen, con Jaime Rodríguez de Santiago.


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(ES) José Bogas conversa con José Manuel Calderón | UNIQ, Conversaciones Sngulares. BY SNGULAR.

Source: Spanish versión.



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