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Diego´s participation in “La matemática del Espejo”

I published in 2017 a post in my Spanish blog version called “Less incisions, less healthcare costs” based on UNIPORTAL VATS technique lead by a group of thoracic surgeons from La Coruña Hospital (Galicia, Spain). It´s obvious how this technique has became mediatic at international level, and Diego as main speaker, but the most important thing is his idea of keeping his head over his shoulders, respecting his values from the beginning:

  • To understand Surgery to give patients years of life. Survival. Diego just pretends to help people.
  • To share and spread knowledge, and not to limit it to a small group of professionals with the aim of becoming rich and getting hierarchical positions, like probably other generations in the past.
  • Nothing is impossible, from a small town in the NW of Spain, it has become a global reference for a lot of surgeons. For instance, in Asia but specially in China, the idea of keeping the body intact is a must, and that is where UNIPORTAL VATS has a great follow up, with this proposal of being minimally invasive.
  • Without resentment: this technique lead by Diego and colleagues was refused by their Hospital. Diego had to live all kind of situations lead by his Head of Service, for years. With the aim of stopping his innovator and disruptive proposal. But this situation helped a lot to grow and fight in order to leave behind all kind of obstacles. In fact, I remember the main newspaper in the City, trying to stain his name, accusing him of carrying out suspicious practices between public and private healthcare centers. Anyway. Finally colleagues like Mercedes and Ricardo stood by his side, and these are the results.
  • Robotization, apart from UNIPORTAL VATS technique has a great technologic input, due to all kind of special materials specially designed for this, an assisted video system is needed; Diego and Team are working in robotization process for years, and results are coming soon.

A few days ago, one of the most respectful Spanish journalist and the most sensitive about elaborating materials, Carlos del Amor, emitted at least for me, one of Diego´s best appearances in content at personal and sensitive level , that’s the reason why I want to dedicate this November 2021´post to Diego and team. Here you can watch the full version of this Spanish program.

Diego´s Math is simple: Less Is more. Less incisions, less healthcare costs, more simple post- surgery, more years of life with quality, to share content, positive sum, humility, low profile, sacrifice (specially at personal level).

In conclusion, an interesting global and digital proposal in healthcare environment, with the aim of leaving things better than they were.

ES version


(Spanish) VIDEO: La Matemática del Espejo. Diego Gonzalez Rivas. RTVE.

(Spanish) Menos incisiones, menos costes sanitarios. Jose A. Vidal.

Diego González Rivas. Professional website.

UCTMI. Professional website.

(Spanish) Entrevista a Diego González Rivas. El Confidencial.

PUBMED: Uniportal VATS.


Master in “ Patient Access to Medicines Value and Healthcare Technologies”. A Degree by Francisco de Vitoria University. Supported by AELMHU, AMIFE, APRI, ASD, FENIN. Scholarship´s application time has just been opened.

Medical Affair International Master. Program which is part of Educational offer by Biotech and Pharma School lead by Professor Cesar Nombela.

Advanced Management Program. IE Business School. Educational executive programs. Information.


Q3 Digital Health funding: To 20B dollars and beyond.

(Spanish) La brecha exponencial, con la biología como tecnología exponencial. Suma positiva. Samuel Gil.

(Spanish) El arte y la ciencia de respirar. Suma positiva. Samuel Gil.


BEWE. Management software for your wellbeing, fitness, health or beaty Center.

DAWAII: Spanish source Joaquin Mencia: Dawaii is the Amazon version pharmacy: 27 millions of dollars just in Pakistan and more than 1M of APP downloads, a 63% of customers retention a year before. But these markets are not interesting for anyone… The next one will be Jack Ma Furquan”.


My global and digital obsession at all professionals levels where I am involved on (Life Sciences, Healthcare & Sports Tech) has allowed me to meet David Bonilla virtually. An IT referral in his technical Community where I am not an specialist. A few days ago I had the pleasure to meet Bonilla personally, thanks to my Corunet friends (David & Dani). I invite you to listen to this podcast which I listened to after being with him, to know more about his storytelling:

(Spanish) Cómo tener éxito en el sector tecnológico programando y creando productos digitales. Invitado David Bonilla. Una vida tu medida & Vivir al máximo, de Ángel Alegre.


ISPOR virtual awards ceremony. December 7th 2021.




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