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ELMA CARE: A Digital Primary Care Centre.

COVID19 has showed big evidences of the need to improve public healthcare and prevention policies at global level. In addition, we have been seeing clinical services like Urgencies and Primary Care overworked.

At that point I published some ideas about those topics: “COVID19, Value & Price lessons” (read), “Spain, download immediately RADAR COVID19” (read) and “2020, a year to leave behind or not” (read).

Opportunities already existed at healthcare level, because before pandemic, at least 70% of healthcare assistance could be digital & remote. In this sense, public healthcare services are big corporations with low power of innovation, with the aim of adopting new technologies to reduce the waiting list, bureaucracy and no-needs diagnostical tests, saving costs in time, early diagnostics, direct and indirect costs, etc.

In this sense, private healthcare services and health insurance companies have always considered this gap like an opportunity to develop business, but finally it´s very common to see symptoms of tiredness in private services compare with the public ones.

ELMA CARE has seen a business opportunity to set up a subscription agency, with a disrupting financial business model, combining on the one hand subscription, and on the other hand outcomes based agreement, based on a performance rate linked with reducing sinistrality.

This Project led by Miguel A. Antón and Albert Malagarriga was launched in November 2019, based on Digital Hospital proposal, with the aim of creating a digital & agile proposal to Urgencies and Primary Care filters, specially at cost- effectiveness and cost- opportunity level. A Digital Primary Care Centre, with own medical staff, and with a business model based on subscription + service.

This product + service orientation defends an average ticket of 750€/user which objective is to improve healthcare for their customers, being 60% from B2B customers, and 40% from B2C channel.

This conversation proposed by Miguel A. Antón, Albert and the rest of ELMA team is really interesting thinking about our scenarios which we are working on. We have just contacted with them.

Source: Spanish version.


Master in “ Patient Access to Medicines Value and Healthcare Technologies”. A Degree by Francisco de Vitoria University. Supported by AELMHU, AMIFE, APRI, ASD, FENIN. More information.


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A draft on the Law “Fomento del Ecosistema de las Empresas Emergentes (EE)”. Spanish Government. Read.


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Innovation in Primary Care — Galicia & Scotland — Patients at home. Access to presentations. presents unique person- centered solution for AAAs at the N4A Conference (formato virtual, entre el 19 y 22 de Julio 2021). + info.



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