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The best way to talk about outcomes in health, is to change concepts: from treatment medicine to precision medicine. Genetic diagnostic open doors to this type of medicine in heritage and chronic diseases, for instance different kind of cancer or cardiologic pathologies.

William John McKenna, Canadian scientist and teacher, defends that 1% of population is part of some genetic variant which could develop precisely a vascular pathology, and one of a thousand patients, would be affected by a serious health problem.

Health & Technology conversations are usual at different health innovation meetings, which are still emerging, but are very powerful, these are based on combining technical advances with health investigations.

Source: Health [in] code.

There are several examples in market, but I´m going to focus on one, which is very close to me Health [in] Code This Company Works in data base which allows them to advance in genetic diagnostic about several heritage pathologies, this health market is valued in 15.000 millions of dollars at global level, estimated in 22.000 for 2027.

Precision Medicine growth is exponential, and it´s explained in Health [in] Code adquisition by Alantra Private Equity, with the aim of creating the most important Spanish group of genomic not reproductive, after joining Imegen & Genycell.

Billing 30 millions of euros, this Company is growing 23% including during COVID19 pandemic, and Board is planning to achieve 50 millions in 2024.

Obviously, it´s cheaper to prevent than treat, and that is where the opportunity is in the future. Precision Medicine, genetic diagnostic and personalized treatments.

Precisely in Spain, Genetic Human Spanish Association is currying out this signal campaign to ask recognition to this Specialist Area by Spanish Government.

Meanwhile, COVID19 is showing at Global level, that we have a lot pending to be done in prevention, public health and at digital level in health systems.

Source: Health [in] code.

Source: Spanish version.


Master in “ Patient Access to Medicines Value and Healthcare Technologies”. A Degree by Francisco de Vitoria University. Supported by AELMHU, AMIFE, APRI, ASD, FENIN. More information.


Computational Biology: That is how science hopes to resolve some of Humanity main problems. (Spanish reading) JC López. Xataka. Read +

Imegen joins Genycell and Health in Code to create the Spanish leader in genetic diagnostic. (Spanish reading) Expansión. Read +

Will the COVID19 crisis catalyse universal health reforms? The Lancet. Read +


Genomelink, Joaquin Mencía refered to this Company as Humman ADN AppStore in his newsletter Startup of the week on August, 17th.


Assarf Wand. Innovation in static industries. Founder´s field Guide. Ep 36. Invest Like the Best with Patrick O´Shaughnessy.


Virtual ISPOR. LATAM SUMMIT 2021. September, 30th to October, 1st. 2021

11th DPHARM: Making innovation stick in a post COVID world. September 28th and 29th. 2021.

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