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Key topics to communicate in a Healthcare Startup

One of the biggest advantages of taking part in STARTUP´s BOARDS is having the chance to build an adequate culture depending on the ecosystem and at the same time to look for and find people with very interesting profiles at the end of their University Degree, and seing how they progress and improve in an amazing way.

Talking about Communication Field, Public & Corporate Affairs, Carlos Toural´s clinical eye has been essential to have the opportunity to move with brilliant guys who after developing a fantastic job, reached positions in other big companies like Monbús, Mediapro, Vueling, etc.

This has been the case of Yago Grela, who after leaving us -but will always be there- joined Vueling and since the last few months he is right now part of Impress, the new Orthodontic Clinics leaders in Europe, company founded by Vladimir Lupenko, Khaled Kasem y Diliara Lupenko.

We usually have different conversations about different topics, and we have decided to generate content focused on Communication Field within a Startup making the most of his new experience in Life Sciences and Healthcare sector:

Keys to communicate in a Healthcare Startup

Author: Yago Grela, Communication Manager at Impress and Associate Professor at the Open University of Catalonia

Spain is the fourth country in the world with the most startups dedicated to developing projects related to health, and there are more and more entrepreneurs looking to open new companies in this sector. The world is heading in that direction, especially after experiencing one of the most important pandemics in modern history.

According to the Biocat report, in 2021 the health sector in Catalonia achieved a financing record of 238 million, surpassing the 200 million barrier for the second consecutive year. And more than 80% of the capital raised has been in operations that have international investors. The case of Impress is noteworthy, the leading company in Europe in invisible orthodontics, which in 2021 managed to close an investment round of 41 million euros, being the highest achieved by the sector, and just three years after its foundation in Barcelona.

The ability to solve customer problems, coupled with a compelling offering and unique value proposition, are essential to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. But the ability to tell a story clearly, consistently and convincingly is also key. Without a strategic and effective communication plan, new healthcare startups can quickly get lost in such a variety of brands.

Here are three communication tips that health startups should take into account if they want to stand out from the rest.

Show your differential value
Studies show that customers are increasingly willing to switch brands when quality alternatives are available. Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and review the value proposition. Ask yourself: What do we do better than anyone else? Who are we helping? Is our offer of products or services aligned with the needs of the industry? And, of course, it is necessary to have a clear vision of why these startups are necessary in the sector. All these responses must be the pillars of corporate messages in any channel (press, web, social networks, newsletters, conferences, intranet…).

Provides expertise
Most of us are familiar with the concept of leadership. And thanks to the internet, social media, publishing and mobile technology, anyone can share advice at any time on a wide variety of platforms. As a company in the healthcare space, you are likely to have great thought leaders in your team, from the CEO to the head of the medical team, who are bound to have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. It is important to identify these spokespersons, train them so that their messages are aligned with those of the company, finding the most appropriate communication channels for their speech, showing the additional power behind the startup.

Highlight your technological advantage
Innovation is one of the big issues today. In a completely digitized world, any news related with it usually has quite an impact. It is likely that your startup has developed some type of technology that allows it to fulfill its vision and mission of making a difference in the sector. Leverage renowned media outlets, influencers, and industry experts to communicate your company’s tech story and demonstrate how it’s breaking through in the world of healthcare startups.

Source: Spanish version.


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