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Blockchain is a technology that allows the secure and decentralized recording of transactions, which makes it useful in various fields, including Health Economics.

Here are some ways this technology could be applied in this field:

  • Recording of medical files: Medical information is highly sensitive and confidential, so its management and protection are crucial. Blockchain technology could be used to secure and decentralize record patients’ medical histories, allowing an easier and safer access for healthcare providers.
  • Recording of clinical trials: Clinical trials are an important part of the development of new medical treatments but are often affected by issues of transparency and confidentiality. This technology could be used to record clinical trial data, allowing a greater transparency and confidence in the results.
  • Medical supply management: Medical supply management can be a challenge in remote areas or developing countries. This blockchain technology could be used to track the supply of drugs and other medical supplies, allowing for better planning and management.
  • Payment recording: Health economics involves many payments to healthcare providers and insurance companies. This machine learning tool could be used to record and verify payments efficiently.
  • Identity management: Identity management is important in health economics, especially regarding the verification of patient and healthcare provider´s identity. Blockchain technology could be used to create secure and decentralized digital identity systems.

In other words, with blockchain technology, efficiency, transparency, and security in Health Economics could be improved, and its application could have a significant impact on the medical industry in the future. However, this must coexist and cope with current problems in healthcare information systems and technologies, such as the absence of an integrated digital medical history at an international level.

We cannot drive at 120 km/h if we do not have the appropriate highways.

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