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Prescribing IE

First of all, I would like to apologize to all of you. Since my last update on this blog during this summer, I had the aim of publishing some contents every ten days. But I couldn´t keep this publication rate, it´s impossible. But I will try to do it, at least once month.

It´s amazing how my time flies with this crazy agenda and I think you need time to stop and look for interesting contents which could be of interest to read, think and reflect about .

Secondly, my apologies again because, this post is not going to be focused on Life Science & Healthcare sector, nor Sports tech area. Education, and different conversations will guide these paragraphs.

Why? Because after this horrible global health crisis society has suffered a lot during these months, and we are still suffering, although leaving the worst scenarios behind. Now, it is time to emerge from this crisis. To look ahead. To keep going.

All this situation reminds me of a personal & professional catharsis which I lived a decade ago,when IE Business School and some of their members were key to impulse and relaunch definitely my way of thinking and of designing thoughts and strategies in different scenarios which I am involved in including at home, with Eva and my kids.

Today IE Business School is a trend, this educational institution is always in the best global rankings, launching these weeks its IE Tower, although David Alvarez reflected on Twitter about these private studies (MBA), highly recommended to read. In my personal case, I have to prescribe IE with all my soul and passion because this institution has changed my professional career after being in these classrooms, with key responsible linked with this change:

- Kiko Rial, who has been everything at IE, always with this capacity of being this older brother who we should all have close to us. (“ Executives with more ethic and less aesthetic are needed)

- Enrique Dans, mentor of this blog, my sportstech consultant and my IT Bentham Panoptic to avoid Life Sciences & Healthcare isomorphism. (Since I heard this expression, isomorphism, it summarizes so much, a lot of thoughts in just one word).

- Miguel Sagües, his knowledge in calm.

- Julio Urgel and his “money, not money”.

- Pascual Montañés: “The need to leave on time, and the need to be covered meanwhile”.

- Luis Solis´ emotion and connection.

- Salvador Aragón and his idea of innovation.

- IT and disrupted challenges by Bernardo Crespo. It wouldn´t be justice not to talk about all of them, all of them.

If you are in doubts, catharsis times, changes, new challenges, without new ideas, or just thinking about new movements in your professional life, Kiko Rial is the best speaker to explain why you need to live IE experience. Kiko has been the maximum responsible at IE to develop these Regional programs called AMP. So, Joaquin Rial, my brother, feel free to start:

Kiko Rial (IE AMP Galicia Director) & IE Tower in Madrid.

“Do I need more education? That is not the question.”

Catharsis, new challenges, evolution… I use to defend education is not an option, it is a must. Apart from other personal reasons: to be alive at professional level, to improve, curiosity, need to think in a critical way, education must be mandatory, and not just an option.

Saying that everything is changing faster and faster is an evidence. There is no doubt. Last year this horrible pandemic has shown us that VUCA scenarios are not just an academic trend, they are a real need. We must be ready to change. Disposition is just as important as preparation. As Charles Darwin said in his essay “ On the origin of species”: “species who survive are not the strongest nor the most intelligent. They are those who are able to understand and adapt to change”. In this new economic and business context, organizations need managers able to adapt their strategies, business models and styles of leadership to anticipate changes and push business development in their companies.

I have created the first AMP in Galicia 18 years ago at ie business school, with the idea of having a must, the mandatory aim to educate Galician executives and managers in one of the best school business environments at international level: IE. That´s how this GM Program was born, where all different corporate areas across different workshops to develop key skills for managers and executives. Galician AMP is the perfect environment to stop and think, key exercise in our professional career,but for different reasons, we don’t always do it. The most important thing in these kind of Programs- apart from knowledge and tools- is to be in contact with TOP LEVEL teachers and professionals. The most important thing in my personal way of thinking, is to take time to think, listen, and consider alternative solutions to similar problems. To challenge everything.

Source: Spanish version.


Master in “ Patient Access to Medicines Value and Healthcare Technologies”. A Degree by Francisco de Vitoria University. Supported by AELMHU, AMIFE, APRI, ASD, FENIN. Scholarship´s application time has just been opened.

Medical Affair International Master. Program which is part of Educational offer by Biotech and Pharma School lead by Professor Cesar Nombela.

Advanced Management Program. IE Business School. Educational executive programs. Information.


Health Optimization. Ivan Landavaso.


Feel free to read this post by Joaquin Mencia about FastFarma & MiniCircle.


(ES) El WhastApp de consultas médicas para empresas. Meeting Doctors. Podcast de Itnig. Historias de startups.


ISPOR Short Course Program is now Virtual. Con varias opciones entre Septiembre, Octubre y Noviembre de 2021. Información.





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