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Purposes in Digital Healthcare

Close to the end of 2021, while we surf different variants from the virus and hoping that COVID19 treatment, digital health ecosystem is on the top.

Value & Price lessons from this pandemic are being taken into consideration at all healthcare management levels.

We start our review with this global operation: Oracle has bought Cerner, the second most important firm at electronic clinical history industry. This movement sends signals about the healthcare industry level: data privacy, early diagnostics, new personalized treatments, apart from promoting investigation with data from million of patients in a common place and format. I invite you to read this Enrique Dans´ post. Enrique explains this operation better than me.

At European level, EMA (European Medicines Agency) created at the end of 2019 from its Big Data Committee, a document with 10 strategic actions to push the use of this digital tool. “Priority recomendations of the HMA-EMA joint Big Data Task Force”. Although pandemic had stopped this initiative, it seems to curry on in 2023 with a non-border platform between fifteen UE countries, with the same aim as Oracle & Cerner operation.

Purposes in Digital Healthcare between 2021 and 2022.

At national level in Spain, its Ministry of Health created in August 2020, a Digital Healthcare Secretary, and apart from a couple of movements in this responsible position, this Secretary has published this month a Digital Health Strategy. A Country which is fighting in seventeen different ways with pandemic based on each regional healthcare policy. At the same time, Spanish Social Security has published this month a book called “Digital & Social Protection: 30 challenges to 2030”. Just in one paragraph, you can find more than 400 pages of strategic plans.

Going back to BioTech sector, Carlos Molina wrote about an expected 9,6% volume business growth in period 2020- 2025, and you can read it in a reading pills area of this post. Although executives and investors in this sector are aligned in that idea, but also recognize a trend “in talent management, managing complex environments, and executing strategic plans at commercial level (McKinsey)”.

We cannot forget a fault vision In this sector: product- service (EN LINK). In this sense Medical Devices companies have a competitive advantage. FENIN knows and therefore launches its PAIS project (Country Project in English) presenting all these proposals at national payers level during 2021.

In conclusion, this general and global chaos created by this pandemic seems to be the reason of a lot of digital healthcare purposes at different levels. Let´s see how all of them are going to evolve.

Thinking about 2022 at personal level, my purposes are going to be the same as the ones since 2013, to maintain editorial line and strategic vision, with the aim of doing positive sum exercises, with real actions, projects, based on metrics and scaling scenarios, aligned with all these strategic payers vision.

I wouldn´t like to finish this last post of the year without appreciating for letting me share all their contents, ideas and thoughts in this new chapter of this blog. Thank you to Paloma Barja, Iván Silva, Miguel Antón & ELMA CARE, Vicente Martínez (Naturemimetix), César Nombela, Diego Ballesteros (Ancla Life), Kiko Rial and Diego Glez. Rivas. All of you have helped me a lot in making conversations richer.

Content pills at the end of this post- are also to improve conversation and raise debate, if you have time during this holiday time.

Let´s keep in touch in 2022.

Happy New Year 2022 to all of you, keep safe and healthy.

Source: Spanish version.


(ES) Master in “ Patient Access to Medicines Value and Healthcare Technologies”. A Degree by Francisco de Vitoria University. Supported by AELMHU, AMIFE, APRI, ASD, FENIN. Scholarship´s application time has just been opened.

(ES) Medical Affair International Master. Program which is part of Educational offer by Biotech and Pharma School lead by Professor Cesar Nombela.

(ES) Advanced Management Program. IE Business School. Educational executive programs. Information.


Why Oracle´s Cerner acquisition will shape the healthcare indusdry? Enrique Dans.

(ES) La apuesta de Google para hacer medicamentos. (Google´s bet to develop medicines, in English) Post about Google, Isomorphic Laboratories, AI and develop treatments. Multiversal. Carlos Molina.

What´s ahead for biotech: Another wave or low tide? By Laura Cancherini, Joseph Lydon, Jorge Santos da Silva and Alexandra Zemp. Abril 2021. Mc Kinsey.


KAIZEN by Jaime Rguez. de Santiago. During this 2021, I have been listening to all his chapters. This podcast generates constant intellectual challenges to apply day by day, at Corporate and Side Project levels. Here is an example:

(ES) Aprendiendo a aprender. (Learning how to learn, in English) Feynman, Dweck y Munger.

(ES) Ancla Life. Chapter 5. After an attempt of suicide, Daniel Vélez found in entrepreneurship a way of overcoming and growing day by day. Today he helps a lot of people from Terapify.

Shoe Dog. Phil Knight. Nike´s founder.


Government of Spain. Law Project to emerging companies ecosystem.

STARTUP´S OASIS wrote about SMILE2IMPRESS, the new generation of invisible orthodontics.


(ES) Hacia 2022. Los nuevos desafíos tecnológicos. (Looking forward to 2022, new digital challenges, in English). Business Insider España.

Elena Gil (Telefónica Tech): Relationship between Big Data and AI stronger and stronger. An AI is improving its processes while receiving more information, incorporating more data, in this sense these two technologies are creating scenarios together. Here is an access to full event by Business Insider Spain.



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