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3 min readJul 28, 2022


Seth Goding wrote a post — a couple of months ago- where he explained the key problem in healthcare systems: information management, this problem could prevent most qualified physicians from taking the best decisions -thinking about patient lives- on time.

In another more recent publication, Iñaki Berenguer, shared on Twitter some startups which are reinventing healthcare environment in different areas: admin & operations, care delivery, drug development and research, monitoring & diagnosis, tech infrastructure, etc. Feel free to click here to visit this tweet, and revise all these Companies:

These two publications make me reflect about how nowadays you can find precisely these two extremes:


  • Scenarios where medical record is not integrated 100% at IT level, in some countries or regions.
  • Payers are looking for formulas to optimize economic limited resources, with older population which is living with more chronic diseases.
  • This picture could be linked with more difficulties to get price and reimbursement for innovations, which are more expensive. Hard Market Access scenarios.


  • At the same time, you have strategic opportunities to help payers with the aim of improving these IT scenarios, therefore, to manage information in a proper way.
  • Vision is always focused on the long term, makes market access and business plans easier. Product + service orientation helps to manage in an effective treatment administration for patients and generate data in real life.

This is the point for Health Policy Departments in Life Sciences and Healthcare Companies, which need more focus and resources to develop product + service strategies, aligned with this long term vision, for payers and our own Companies.

We must find the right corporate cultures to be focused on opportunity, avoid losing time and resources in models from the past century.

The Companies which make the most of this strategic opportunity, could be the winners for excellence in this race.

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