Litigation Attorney Joseph Zoppo Highlights the Top 5 Questions you Should ask Your Lawyer

May 7 · 3 min read

If you’re in the market for a lawyer, it is important that you choose the right one. Choosing a lawyer is like selecting a candidate in a job interview, you need to see if there is an experience, personality, and values alignment. When you go into an initial consultation, you want to ensure you are armed with all the right questions, which is why we teamed up with experienced law and litigation attorney Joseph Zoppo, to break it down for you.

If you find yourself in the unfavorable circumstance of a legal dispute, challenge, or deal, you might not want to risk going it alone without the advice of a seasoned professional you trust. While good representation may not be cheap, it can help you get the most out of a lost business opportunity, blown up deal , bad divorce or other legal dispute. While every legal situation is different, Joseph Zoppo explains that there are times when you should consider hiring a lawyer.

1. Experience

The first question you want to ask is likely the most obvious: what is your experience with the type of dispute in which you find yourself? Depending on your circumstance, you may want to have a veteran attorney on your side. Ask your potential lawyer whether they specialize in one type of case over another, what their track record is, and how often their cases wound up settling outside of court versus trial.

2. Case Type

The second question is an elaboration on the first: what type of cases do you usually handle and who is your typical client? If you have a lawyer who is well-versed in estate planning, but you’ve just been sued , you may want to reconsider this particular lawyer handling your case. Additionally, try to determine the type of clientele they usually work with, because if a lawyer often deals with corporate or individual clients with resources beyond your financial means, they may not be used to handling a client like you or be able to keep your interests protected on your budget.

3. Payment

The third question regards payment and costs: “how much will this cost me and how will I be billed?” Joseph Zoppo understands that finding affordable legal representation is a major concern for most individuals, and highly suggests asking your potential lawyer upfront about payment options and billing cycles. You should also ask if they work on a retainer, and if the case will be handled by paralegals, in which case you should inquire about a possible discount. Lastly, don’t forget to find out if there are any less obvious fee’s or expenses before finalizing with a lawyer and always get a Fee Agreement.

4. Communication

As a champion of your case, you want to ensure that there is a constant communication between you and your lawyer. You will want to know about the progress of your case, so it is important to find out how often you should expect to hear from your attorney. You will want to ensure you have every possible form of communication with your lawyer: cellphone, landline, e-mail and fax but be careful to protect your attorney client privilege in your communications with your attorney, your attorney can make suggestions on this

5. Access

Lastly, you will want to ensure that you can have access to as many of the documents related to your case as is required. Any documents more information you supply, and any final attorney work product is you goal here. Be sure to verify how they will be sent to you, whether it is by traditional mail or electronically.

Joseph Zoppo’s Final Thoughts

When finding your new lawyer, it is important that you feel comfortable with them, much like any service you hire, , if your lawyer does not make you feel at ease then you shouldn’t continue any further. Joseph Zoppo would like to remind readers that the above is not legal advice, for legal advice please speak with a lawyer in your local area.

Joseph Zoppo

Attorney Joseph Zoppo has a combined 20 years of experience in the field of law litigation. Currently located in Boston, Massachusets.

Joseph Zoppo

Written by

Attorney Joseph Zoppo boasts a combined 20 years experience in real estate as an attorney, a banker and a real estate broker located in Boston, MA

Joseph Zoppo

Attorney Joseph Zoppo has a combined 20 years of experience in the field of law litigation. Currently located in Boston, Massachusets.

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