Joshua Macaroni — Importance of Amusement Park Safety, Equipment, and Weather Conditions

Looking for something exciting to do this weekend? Have kids? Well, if you live in Florida, with the many amusement parks only a short drive away, there is always something exciting to do.

Fun rides, cotton candy, and the constant stimulation of bright colors and sounds are everywhere. However, Mother Nature may have plans of her own, and an exciting day at the park can quickly turn into a disappointment with a heavy rainstorm, remarkable winds, or lower than average temperatures threating operations.

As an amusement park equipment owner in the state of Florida, Joshua Macaroni has had his fair share of storms that threaten his operations. He understands how important it is to follow proper safety procedures through the good and harsh weather to ensure the safety of his guests.

Make Safety a Top-Priority

Joshua Macaroni prioritizes customer safety as the owner of an amusement park, and always tracks the weather.

While Joshua Macaroni understands that more visits are important to the revenue of his business, his priority has and will always be, the safety of his guests. He pays extra attention to weather forecasts, as they are key to determining whether the rides in the park remain open. Excessive winds must be monitored particularly close due to the dangers they impose.

Joshua Macaroni and his staff, have an action plan prepared and ready to use for a variety of scenarios, including weather conditions. Typically, these procedures contain information relating to shelter-in-place practices as well as equipment that must be removed in the cases of extreme winds.

In Florida, it is common for amusement parks to experience a broad variety of weather conditions. However, Joshua and his staff understand that there are different conditions in which each attraction operates. While one ride may stop during a rain shower, others may continue to operate. When lightning is detected, not only a few attractions must stop, but All attractions must cease to operate.

Joshua Gene Macaroni is part of a family that has worked in carnivals and amusement parks for 4 generations.

Furthermore, while safety is a priority, a very critical aspect of running an efficient operation is communications. Businessman Joshua Macaroni understands that it is essential to have an effective communication plan in place at all times.

It is important to take proper measures to ensure your trip to the amusement park midway is safe. In addition to harsh weather conditions, ride equipment can pose possible safety risks. This is the reason why, prior to opening, one of Joshua’s certified ride inspectors take the necessary time to thoroughly inspect the rides. The inspector is provided with a checklist that highlights specific areas of each ride that must be inspected. Following the completion of internal inspections, each ride is also inspected by state inspectors as well as local authorities.

When the weekend is here, and the time has arrived to head out to the amusement park for some thrills, it is important that you, as well as the other park guests, are safe from possible dangers. Joshua has spent his entire life around the carnival industry, learning everything he can about various aspects. He takes great pride in ensuring his guests are safe while visiting his midway.