Joshua Macaroni on Continuing the Family Amusement Park Tradition

Businesses in the amusement park industry own and/or operate mechanical rides as well as water rides, themed exhibits, shows, games, concession stands, and other attractions.

Joshua Macaroni & his family have been involved in the carnival and amusement park industry for 4 generations.

As a fourth-generation carnival worker, Florida business owner, Joshua Macaroni has spent his entire life helping to operate Family Attractions Amusement. In 2014, he decided to embark on his childhood dream of starting his own business in the amusement park industry and has become financially successful.

Business Owner, Joshua Macaroni Grew Up and Continued in the Amusement Park Industry

The thirty-seven-year-old business owner, Joshua Macaroni, grew up with his parents and sister in Quitman, Georgia, where they worked many years with various festivals and fairs with their own amusement attraction business. Joshua believes that there was something in his blood that made him want to remain in the carnival entertainment business once he became an adult. In addition, he enjoys helping others and spending hours of fun with people and their families.

There are some ideas and competitive advantages that have helped differentiate Joshua’s park from others. First, his park regularly opens the gates for all special needs children during non-business hours, allowing them to enjoy free rides in an environment where they feel comfortable. This not only provides a way for parents to entertain their children, it also shows that we support our local community.

Joshua Macaroni spends his days at the amusement parks making sure that everything is operating safely & smoothly for all patrons.

In addition, as a business owner, he understands that it is increasingly important for a business to operate in an eco-friendly manner. This understanding led him to research various ways to lessen his eco-print on the environment. After completing his research, Joshua invested in assets that decrease his contribution to pollution. For example, as a way to minimize pollution and reduce fuel cost, he invested in LED puck lights to install in his carnival equipment.

Days in the amusement park industry vary, depending on Joshua’s agenda, he may need to rise as early as four o’clock in the morning, while other days he may not need to begin work until late morning or early afternoon.

During the winter months, however, he tends to work late into the night, depending on what tasks needs to be accomplished.

Joshua Macaroni believes his success in the amusement park industry was due to several reasons. First, he has the drive needed to be a success in this business. He does not allow anything to stand in the way of him accomplishing his goals. Second, the many years of experience he has had in the amusement park business. Lastly, without the support of family, whether it be something that is business related or in another area of his life, success would have been incredibly difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

Passing the Business Down to His Children

As a father, Joshua Macaroni hopes to one day pass down his family business to his three children. He is looking forward to the day they are old enough to begin teaching them everything there is to know in the amusement park industry.