Joshua Macaroni on The Importance of Inclusion

Making Parks Accessible to Special Needs Children

Joshua Macaroni — it’s important that special needs children can go and do the same things as other children.

Whether the children of the community have one special need or another, it is important that they feel that they can go to and do the same things as other children. They should feel that they have the ability and what is needed to move from one place to the next. They can do this, if those parks in the area, allow them in during these times that they feel the most comfortable with.

Joshua Macaroni, an amusement park equipment owner, has already figured out a way to do this and includes those special needs children in all of the parks that he works with.

Special Needs Children are Welcome at the Parks

These children are always welcome to the parks whenever, but Joshua Macaroni has found that they have a quieter time during the day, during non-business hours that these children feel more comfortable going to the park. It is during these times they are able to ride the rides, get rid of the stresses that would normally come from visiting the parks and be able to actually enjoy themselves.

Joshua Macaroni has found that special needs children have a quieter time during the day. It is during non-business hours that these children feel more comfortable going to the park.

Due to this thoughtful response by Joshua, this has not only helped out the parks because of the awareness around these special events, it also helped them grow as a community and offer something more for those members that are living within it. They no longer have to worry about being a part of something that they might not have fit in with before.

Changing Communities One Step at a Time

Joshua Macaroni is well known in many parts of Florida, due to the success that is had with the amusement park equipment, but through his generous donations and his charity work, as well as innovative ideas, this is changing the way that the community comes together and works together. It is creating more close-knit ties that were once not there before. These communities have found that this is one of the best ways for them to move forward, to get more out of their lives and to feel good about making a change. Mr. Macaroni was not the first person to do this, but he is definitely a leader in the changes made throughout a community and what they’re able to give back with.

Joshua Macaroni aims to help change communities, one step at a time.

Accessibility is important for one and all, but as a child in the area, it is especially important for them to fit in and be able to do everything that other kids are doing. They are able to benefit from this when changes are made in the community.

Joshua Macaroni is there when the community needs him and now they’re able to give back to him when the time comes. They just have to think about how this is going to change the way they’re doing things and how much this is going to positively impact them overall. It might be a good way to change what they’re doing, especially when it calls for including others in the community that might not have been included before, such as the special needs hours in these parks.