Joshua Macaroni — Tasty Carnival Foods That Joshua Macaroni Recommends

Carnivals are about more than the rides, they are also about food.

Joshua Macaroni — smelling & tasting carnival foods are part of the reason that everyone goes.

There is nothing better than going to the carnival and smelling and tasting all the delicious foods offered. There are so many options to choose from, candy apples, corn dogs, cotton candy are just the beginning.

Tampa Bay, Florida business owner, Joshua Macaroni has been in the amusement park industry since he graduated high school. Being a fourth-generation carnival worker, he knows the history of tasty carnival foods and is happy to share them with you.

Candy Apples

Originally, in New Jersey 1908, William Kolb was searching for a way to get people to taste some of his cinnamon candy. To get people to try and purchase the candy, he decided to coat an apply with it. He was surprised to discover that people enjoyed both. Now all over the world, you can find variations of this concept, with fire engine red candy apple still coming out on top as the most popular choice.

Joshua Macaroni — cotton candy has been around since the 15th century.

Cotton Candy

Since the 15th century, forms of spun candy have been around; however, it wasn’t until 1904 at the World’s Fair in St. Louis for the machine-spun Cotton Candy came about. Candy maker John C. Wharton and dentist William Morrison made a fortune selling more than 60 thousand boxes at 25 cents each. Hard to believe a dentist was part of the creation of this flavorful candy.

Cotton candy and candy apples are just two of the many colorful sweet treats that Joshua Macaroni provides in his amusement parks. Many people enjoy indulging in these wonderful pleasures at home as well as at the park, which is why they are sure to grab some to take with them when leaving.

Corn Dogs

Many people have tried to claim credit for the creation of the carnival favorite, the corn dog. Some sources claim these hotdogs began in one of the sausages and hot dog shops in Minnesota, Illinois, and California. However, others claim that German immigrants arriving in the state of Texas were looking for ways to sell their meat products, discovered that coating their sausages in a combination of eggs, self-rising flour, cornmeal, and various spices, before deep frying it and throwing it on a stick, was something the people enjoyed.

No matter who was responsible for the creation of corn dog, they are one of the favorites to carnival goers everywhere.

Funnel Cake

A must-have for most amusement park visitors, the idea of the funnel cake goes way back to early medieval Persian and Arabic cultures when a similar dough was expelled through a funnel for the creation of a lattice, cooked in hot oil.

Joshua Macaroni — a carnival is not a carnival without the timeless treats that can bring nostalgia to anybody!

In later years, German immigrants brought over their idea, using a more commonly used soda dough.

Now, this flavorsome delight is offered almost everywhere in the world, including amusement parks in Florida. As a long time amusement park professional, Joshua Macaroni understands that a carnival is not a carnival without funnel cake. As with other treats served in his parks, visitors make sure to buy some extra to save for later!