Create your own content marketing strategy in 8 easy steps

Content marketing strategy is much more than just creating and sharing content in order to attract customers. It should be the main weapon in presenting the company’s mission and vision to potential consumers.

Basically, content marketing is a written and visual way that the company is representing its goal, through creating, planning, delivering and maintaining useful marketing content designed to engage a targeted audience.

If you want to build a profitable online business, to improve your website design and attract more customers, you have to pay attention to your content marketing strategy. You should ask yourself first if you’re using it in the right way to communicate with customers. Before you start thinking about 8 easy steps we’ll give you, consider the following questions:

  1. What are your mission and your goal?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What content should you create and share?
  4. What are the outcomes of sharing that content?
  5. How will you measure the success of your content?

If you have clear answers to these questions, you can now check 8 easy steps to help you create your own content marketing strategy.

1. Define your goal.

Before you decide to create a strong content marketing strategy, ask yourself the first question from above. You should determine why do you even want to create a content marketing strategy, and what is your mission and vision for the future. Knowing these things will help you to find the right path you should follow in creating the strategy. Your goal can be anything you want, from better traffic to your website to more email subscriptions for your blog.

2. Target your audience.

This step is about question number 2: “who is your target audience”? A target audience represents the group of people most likely to be interested in your product and service. You should be able to produce the content that is of value to your readers, and not just spamming around random people with emails and ads. If you are sending an email with a description of your products, special offers or so, to 1,000 of people, that does not mean that everyone will contact you or buy your product, because you didn’t find the right audience. Take some time and target your audience.

3. Figure out the type of content you want to create.

After targeting your audience, try to figure out the type of content you want to create. There are several social media platforms with a wealth of content, that are designed specifically to attract and entertain the audience. The content you can create can be in the form of articles, blogs, infographics or e-books. Knowing your customers will help you to understand a way they think and determine what type of content you will use. You can start mixing different forms and see how your customers react to each of them.

4. Promote your content.

Promotion is one of the most important steps in creating a content marketing strategy. You may have amazing content, but since the Internet is a crowded place, there is a lot of amazing content from other companies too. You need to find the best way to promote your services and when you do, you will certainly gain more popularity. There are three primary mediums through which you can promote your content on various digital channels:

  • Influencer marketing: this kind of marketing is taking the endorsements of socially influential people. When one collaborates with influencers, it leads to a 3–10 times increase in the conversation rate since they have a large follower list. Keep in mind that this kind of marketing depends on your budget
  • Social media snippets: your content should include numerous snippets, such as quotes, statistics, images, etc. which can be shared multiple times over a period across various social media platforms
  • Guest posting: if you share your content as a guest post that has a massive number of readers will help you increase the authority of your brand. You can use channels like Reddit, Biz Sugar, Business 2 community

5. How will you stand out?

Once you enter the digital space with your content marketing strategy you should think about how will you stand out. The answer is very simple, you have to be innovative, smart and honest with your audience. Create content that is useful to them and they will engage with it.

6. “What to write”

If you are looking forward to making your website more SEO-friendly and discover new content ideas, you can use HubSpot’s Website grader to help you optimize each area. With this tool, you can grade your marketing areas and provide your users with a detailed report on how they can improve their marketing efforts.

7. Build an Email list.

If you already have your audience, you should be offering a way to subscribe to your content. One way to do this is by collecting email addresses via a specific call to action (CTA). You can send a monthly newsletter to people who’ve expressed an interest in your content. An email service provider (ESP) is a helpful tool you can use to maintain your subscribers’ list. ESP ensures that your emails are not automatically rerouted to the spam folder. MailChimp and ConvertKit are a few options you can start with.

8. Measure the success of your content.

If you follow the results of the investment you made you’re on the right track! You should always measure the success of your digital marketing strategy and content you are sharing to your audience. A content is considered successful when it has generated a good number of views, clicks, likes, and engagement. You can measure the success with modern tools available online and track how your marketing efforts are faring. Google analytics can show you how visitors click through your site while also providing average numbers of page views per visit.

Now that you’ve read all these steps, we’ll just say GOOD LUCK!!!