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What No One Tells You About Running

Running is appealing for many people largely due to three factors: it is cost effective, highly accessible, and time efficient. However, it is not as simple as just lacing up your shoes and heading out the door. If you are thinking of getting started with the sport, here is what no one tells you about running.

what no one tells you about running
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Whether you are a seasoned runner, or just getting started with the sport, you are bound to have new experiences when on the run. Running never fails to surprise you, particularly when you least expect it. Through the ups and downs, the benefits far out weigh the struggle. 100%.

You’ll find that the more you run, the more you realize just how intricate the sport truly is, and how the sport can quickly become complex. Even for the most advanced runners, there is always the latest technology breakthrough, or new running technique that proves to have a learning curve.

Although the sport does seem relatively simplistic from an outsiders perspective, you are bound to come across a new running tip that is a game-changer for your training. What I love about the sport is understanding that we are all in this unique community together. The shared similarities we face when logging our weekly miles, whether you are a beginner or pro athlete, is something so incredible about running.

What No One Tells You About Running

1. So. Much. Laundry.

This is inevitable when you start regularly running on a weekly basis. Your one daily outfit automatically becomes two, and in the winter extra layers certainly add up. Be sure to stock up on laundry detergent, you’ll surely need it!

Joking aside, it is just the nature of the sport and something you’ll quickly realize the more you get going with your running routine. You’ll find that it will be certainly be difficult to ‘rewear’ your running outfits… if you’re putting in the effort with your workouts, the smell will likely follow. Is that too honest?

Be sure to try and plan out your weekly sporting outfits which helps to make it a habit and that way you can plan for your laundry cycle a week in advance.

2. Running is a Love/Hate Relationship.

Much like life, running is what you make it. And it certainly is not all roses. Finding the intrinsic motivation to push yourself to get stronger is not an easy feat. If it were, you would see everyone doing it. And that is not the case.

However, it is those that push through in the tough and weak moments that see the best results over time. Consistency is absolutely key. I would say that the hardest moment in your running career occurs at the very beginning. When you first start running, chances are you’ll hate it. When you start anything new, it will be uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and straight up difficult. Running is hard.

However, you’ll find that with each effort, it gets more manageable. And guess what? After a few attempts, you might start to recognize the rush it brings and the elated feelings are like a drug. But, like a good drug. Runner’s high is the real deal. While the feeling is fleeting, you remember the way it makes you feel. It leaves you wanting more! Before you know it, you’ll start to fall in love with the sport you once denounced.

It never truly gets easier. You just get stronger. It is as simple as that. You adapt to your conditioning, and the hard work starts to show.

3. Your Running Shoe Collection Will Grow

Personally, I’m not a huge shopper. However, when it comes to all things running shoe related, I’m a fanatic. Running shoes are hands-down my favorite item to shop for. As you get more into your fitness journey, you’ll find that there are different shoes for every occasion, and chances are, you begin to develop a preference for different shoes for different types of runs. It may sound crazy, but just wait. You’ll see what I mean.

In the beginning, I had one pair of daily trainers. Before I knew it, this quickly developed into a pair for recovery, walking comfort shoes, shoes for speed work… the list goes on and on. Not to mention that you are supposed to change your shoes once you have run over 400 miles.

While that distance may seem like a lot, for an avid runner your miles during the week quickly add up, and you’ll find yourself cycling through pairs of shoes more than any other clothing item. I love to wear different pairs for whatever mood I am in that particular day. In my opinion, it is not a careless expense because I use one, or even multiple pairs, each day.

Lately, I’ve been wearing a pair of these Altra Escalante shoes. Although I have not yet used them recently for running (the zero drop is something you will definitely need to get used to in order to prevent injury), the wide toe box makes these shoes perfectly comfortable for long walks and daily errands.

4. You Start to Plan Your Life Around Running

Running can sometimes feel like a part-time job, particularly if you are in the throws of marathon training. You will need to dedicate hours upon hours of time devoted to running. And not only that, you will need to schedule in time to stretch, cross-train, and get the nutrients your body needs. Not to mention a solid nights rest to keep up with your demanding schedule.

Plus, it will be hard to pull a late night out with friends if you have a long run scheduled early in the morning. You begin to prioritize your fitness and treat it with respect. It certainly is a delicate balance between finding what works best for you, but the time you need to devote to running is definitely a curve ball when you are first starting out. The juggling act does get easier, but it can be difficult to navigate in the beginning.

5. Your Feet Will Take a Beating.

Spending more time on your feet will take its toll. I think just about every runner can relate to calluses, blisters, bruises, black toenails, and so much more. I try my best to treat my feet whenever possible, but every runner knows the painful experience of loosing a toenail every now and again.

While the pressure you put on your feet and toenails is seemingly inevitable, try your best to pencil in a bath every so often, or treat yourself to a pedicure before a race event to get your feet looking a little more polished than usual.

Running shoes can certainly help to alleviate some of the ailments, but knowing how to cope with your injuries to your feet is something to keep in mind as your mileage progresses.

6. You Will Run in Extreme Weather Conditions

Before you know it, your running routine will be so engrained into your daily habits that rain, shine, or snowfall — you will be outside running. Outsiders may think you are crazy, but we as runners know that if a training day calls for a run on the calendar, you will run through a blizzard or a heavy rainfall in order to get the job done.

This is particularly true for race events. Rain or shine, frigid or scorching hot temperatures, you have been training weeks, months, or even years for this one race event. And we know for sure that nothing will stop you from crossing that finish line, once and for all.

7. Athleisure is your New Look + Running Clothes are Expensive

I love rocking a set of athleisure. And with the pandemic forcing us to work in a remote environment, this has never been more the case. Athleisure is comfortable, cute, and I argue to say stylish.

With this, comes the ultimate reality that running gear and outfits are expensive. While running doesn’t necessarily have to become expensive aside from a good pair of running shoes, once you start running regularly, you’ll begin to realize the value of solid running “must-haves”. Although these running essentials often come with a price tag, they are well worth the expense paid in many cases.

And if you’re anything like me, I try my best to keep my running outfits as in good shape as possible. Taking care of your clothing is a great way to keep rocking your outfits long after your initial purchase. Check-out this 2 Piece Workout Gym High Waist Leggings with Sport Bra Set from Amazon which has amazing reviews at an affordable price point! Not to mention the array of colors it comes in.

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