In Other Election News: It’s an Image Thing

So … the pro-Trump (as of last April, anyway) New York Post published some “exclusive” nude photos of a possible soon-to-be First Lady. “A celebration” according to a Trump spokesman, “of the human body as art”.

Ohhhh …. kay.

Those celebrations had originally appeared in the January 1996 issue of French men’s mag Max … which leads a person to wonder why the Post — owned by conservative power broker Rupert Murdoch — decided to publish them last weekend, so long after they’d originally been taken.

But hasn’t she aged well?

Gawker’s headline on the matter reads “Did Donald Trump Leak Nude Photographs of Melania to Distract from the Khan Story?” and theorizes that the most convincing argument in favor of Trump’s, er, leakage is the fact that he hasn’t tweeted a single solitary tweet about it.

On the bright side, says the UK’s TheWeek, quoting Rush Limbaugh, “This probably might wrap up the LGBTQ vote for Trump. And the single, white male vote, particularly the some or no-college-educated white male vote.”

Whether it will or not, we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, just to confuse the issue a little bit further, nude model’s husband Donald, The Washington Examiner says, has signed the first ever internet anti-porn presidential pledge, fuelling speculation that there might be some even racier images of his good lady wife (with some extremely good friends, perhaps) which shouldn’t see the light of day.

Internet safety group Enough is Enough gave the pledge to both presidential candidates to sign, and whereas the Republican whipped out his pen straight away, the Democrat contender didn’t. Which makes some folks wonder about her spouse and the possibility of certain images of him with some of his extremely good friends which might just see the light of day all over the internet — if he doesn’t toe the domestic and possibly-even-presidential line.

That, of course, is if — as the Independent Journal Review lets it be known — nobody with an interest in such matters heeds the advice of former high-ranking National Security Agency staffer William Binney and retrieves all of Hillary’s emails (deleted or otherwise) currently languishing, like everybody else’s, in the NSA’s massive data archives.

If, however, somebody like the FBI does go a-delving in those archives and retrieves a few thousand of the most pesky emails in the Clinton Collection when she cared enough to send the very best, we could have another series of complications on our hands, if not perhaps even a tactical withdrawal from the presidential race.

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So Bill — or Billy, as ex-girlfriend Dolly Kyle refers to him in her book “Hillary the Other Woman” — might not have to suffer the embarrassment of being directly comparable and directly compared to a considerably more photogenic potential FLOTUS.

Which would be a bonus for him, because, Dolly claims, he’s not looking too well these days. This might not come as a surprise considering the number of — shall we say — “playmates” he’s rumored to have had in his time …and as for Hillary herself, Dolly’s been noticing increasing signs of “cognitive impairment”.

There’s all sorts of other interesting stuff in her book, we’re told, but not very much comes to light when you click on Amazon’s “Look inside” … but if you’ve got the time or inclination to plow through over 400 reviews, there might be something of interest mentioned there.

Another item of interest, according to QZ, is the fact that three of the top five New York Times bestsellers this week are actually about the awfulness of Hillary Clinton — one of which was actually endorsed by her electoral opposite number some months back.

This sort of predicted more recent comments by the current POTUS about said electoral opposite, who’d tweeted: “In just out book, Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne doesn’t believe that Crooked Hillary has the temperament or integrity to be the president!”

More succinctly, Barack Obama — according to CNN Politics — merely described the Republican nominee as “unfit to serve as president”.

And on the subject of books, Trump’s book about Trump wasn’t, of course, written by Trump himself, but by real author Tony Schwartz.

The bona-fide ghostwriting wordsmith said in an interview with the New Yorker, “I put lipstick on a pig. I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.”

“I genuinely believe” he continued, “that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

And that may well be true, but then again at least we’d be spared naked images of the potential First Gentleman all over the internet, whether he behaves himself or not …

… because it sounds like far too many people have already seen far too much of him already.

Image credit: corgasbeek / pixabay

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