Deconstructing the Talk of the Wall

Megan Thompson
Apr 2, 2019 · 5 min read

Three outspoken Republicans shed light on the border crisis from a standpoint commonly left in the shadows.

Justin DeMattico is a student at Monmouth University studying art and is a strong Trump supporter and a member of the Republican party. Photo taken by Megan Thompson.

Sitting at a table off to the side in an empty classroom at Monmouth University, Justin DeMattico details his political stand on immigration and the border wall crisis.

Tugging at the collar of his baggy black Fruit of the Loom t-shirt, DeMattico gives off an air of discomfort. Being a Republican holds no danger when posting from behind the screen of your phone, DeMattico says. However, being a Republican out in a very democratic society can be a different experience; sometimes one full of toxicity.

Prompted to speak more on his political affiliation, DeMattico began to unravel his inner thoughts constructing a well-developed argument about immigration that he feels is quite often ignored in the media as he sat with one leg consistently shaking to a rhythm nondiegetic to the rest of the world.

Demattico began to vividly describe his support for President Trump`s determination to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border to stop the illegal immigrants flooding into the U.S. and his underlying issues with illegal immigrants flooding into the U.S. and “receiving more government aid than any American ever would.”

Eyes lowering towards the table as he realizes the weight that comes with being an avid supporter of President Trump, DeMattico hesitates to continue voicing his opinion which he says feels silenced especially in a Democratic state. After a few long moments of silence and consideration, DeMattico, with a change in confidence, decides to continue providing an educated opinion on the immigration crisis the country is currently facing.

“I support the President in his effort to build a border wall and increase border security”, he said. “Other countries that have had these problems build walls and increase security and report them being almost one hundred percent effective against illegal immigration. The President declaring a national emergency was something that had to be done because House Democrats would never budge and give him the funding and something has to be done to protect the American people from these dangers,” DeMattico said.

David Christopher Floyd, a strong opinioned Republican and resident of Texas, spoke about these same concerns.

Both DeMattico and “Cyrus” fear the discrimination that comes with being a Republican in a Democratic state. They say many Democrats are quick to judge based off of their support for President Trump. Photo taken by Megan Thompson.

Speaking fluently about the economics of immigration, Floyd mentions that “the wall and strict border enforcement will effectively reduce or eliminate high enticement communities which have been evolving in certain parts of North America, especially in jurisdictions designated as sanctuaries. Eliminate the high enticement communities and there would be no support base or socioeconomic network necessary for the black market to continue and demand would be crippled as there would no longer be any economic incentive to attract confederates to facilitate the market.”

Despite his strong stand on the economics of immigration in North America, Floyd reveals that he is not fully in support of a border wall as he believes its purpose would be of no use.

“On the surface it appears that neither the import of contraband nor the export of money would be thwarted by a physical wall,” Floyd said. “This is the position of wall opponents. A greater portion of contraband is smuggled via sea, air and tunnels. Increasingly, it is simply mailed or concealed in international shipments of freight.”

Interestingly, some American immigrants and Americans with an immigrant history do support President Trump`s crackdown on illegal immigration. “Cyrus”, whose name has been changed upon request because he did not feel comfortable talking publicly on the issue, was born the son of an illegal immigrant from Guadalajara, Mexico and an Irish-American mother, “Cyrus” illustrates his bold change from Democrat to Republican over a voice call which was influenced by his difficult availability to meet in person.

“I am switching parties because I became educated on tax laws and other economic policies of difference between the two parties. I prefer Republican run states and counties because they are more efficient, safe, clean and hospitable for those wishing to climb the American ladder and achieve the American dream,” “Cyrus” said.

“Cyrus” relates the story of his family and the situation in Guadalajara, Mexico back to the importance on immigration and the need for safer, more legal immigration.

“My father came sometime during Reagan`s presidency,” “Cyrus” said. “He came from Guadalajara, Mexico. Now, even that far from the border city has become dangerous when once it wasn`t so bad. My uncle who lives there was kidnapped once because he owned a flower truck and the petty criminals stole his truck after driving with him tied up inside. If you didn`t know, a lot of police and government are extremely corrupt there and are often cooperating with the cartel and high class, international crime. I think that immigration must be made entirely legal as much as possible to protect our economy and workers, I stand for the wall also to curb terrible crime and drugs.”

DeMattico touched upon the importance of the border wall in regards to safety as he began to slowly situate himself into a more comfortable position sitting lower in the metal chair he was residing in, legs outstretched and arms behind his head for support.

“I have a strong America first attitude and I strongly believe you need to fix yourself internally first before we go out and start fixing the rest of the world. This includes building the wall to protect Americans, lower government spending on programs for illegals and then we can help other nations with the surplus of money to fix themselves,” said DeMattico.

While residing in two different worlds, both DeMattico and “Cyrus” represent a group of individuals who are being ignored in the wake of an immigration crisis. As both men finished up their confident and animated opinions, each shared how important being a Republican in such a crucial time is for them. In the end, each of these shared thoughts boiled down to one key factor: safety for the American people. An important trait of nationalism they each believe has been lost.

JOUR 317 Feature Writing

#FocusImmigration stories written by the Spring 2019 Feature Writing class at Montclair State

Megan Thompson

Written by

JOUR 317 Feature Writing

#FocusImmigration stories written by the Spring 2019 Feature Writing class at Montclair State

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