Jour Premium Is Now Free for All Healthcare Workers

Maxime Germain
Mar 18, 2020 · 2 min read

Hi friends,

It’s an unusual time. And it’s only normal to feel affected by the worldwide response to COVID-19.

But it’s important to remember why it’s such an unusual time.

We’re adopting new lifestyles to do one thing: take care of one another. We’re taking precautions and spending more time at home to make sure that we don’t put anyone at risk in unnecessary danger, even if we would be okay ourselves.

And in the spirit of looking out for those who need it, Jour wants to do the same for the heroes of this worldwide response: our healthcare professionals.

To thank the doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals working around the clock to keep us safe and healthy, we want to offer them a one-year free subscription to Jour Premium.

Register for free Jour Premium subscription

Journaling is a useful practice any time: it offers a chance to take a step back, be more present, feel calmer, and get clear on what you think and what you want to be doing.

But it’s an especially useful practice during times like these — when things can feel especially confusing and chaotic. We could all use a chance to express what we’re thinking and feeling a little less overwhelmed. And we hope Jour can offer that to you.

Studies have found that journaling can improve physical and mental health following a traumatic or stressful event, decrease emotional stress, help release stress and allow us to sleep better at night.

If you are a healthcare professional, please fill out this survey and we will send you access to your new subscription:

Click for free Jour Premium subscription

If you have any questions, please reach out to We’re always here to help.

Thank you for all that you’re doing. We’re in this together.

With care,

Jour Team

(1) Studies conducted by Cambridge University, The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and the Journal of Experimental Psychology.


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