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Your daily journaling practice starts here

Maxime Germain
Jun 6, 2019 · 3 min read

oday, we’re excited to introduce a new feature to our community: Daily Jour, where you can now find a daily release of guided prompts to reflect and focus your thoughts.

With Daily Jour, you can now:

  • Receive 3 new, mindful questions to answer every day
  • Feel more present, more grateful, and more intentional
  • Become familiar with an effective journaling practice and its benefits
  • Track mindful minutes you spend in Daily Jour with your Apple Health Kit

Daily Jour can be a concise and meaningful habit, a rewarding break in the midst of a busy day, or a welcoming introduction to the journaling practice.

Why a daily journal?

Journaling is an effective and mindful wellness practice. By reflecting on your daily life, you’re less likely to miss important moments, more likely notice what’s going on around you, and more likely to proceed with appreciation and gratitude in life.

Indeed, a 2005 study found journaling to have long-term, positive impacts on mood, productivity, working memory, and even physical health.

“You see there is real power in writing things down.” — Dr. Mark Rowe, on why successful people journal.

But, if you’re interested in journaling, it can sometimes be hard to get started. It’s easy to judge what you write and it can be hard to find the time for yourself.

That’s why a concise, regular journaling habit is one of the best ways to get into the practice; the exercise focuses your efforts on feeling the benefits of journaling as soon as possible, introduces you to the writing process, and is short enough to fit into your daily schedule.

In fact, Tim Ferriss begins every morning by journaling to calm his mind and address any issues or anxieties in his life.

How we got here

We’ve always appreciated the value that a regular, focused journaling exercise could bring to our community. That’s why, when we launched Jour, we made sure to include an in-app, guided Daily Reflection Journey.

After testing and receiving feedback from our journalers, we realized that:

  • This was one of our community’s most beloved Journeys
  • They wanted and needed more tools for their daily practice

It became clear that this topic deserved to be expanded and recognized as a core part of the Jour experience.

And, in working toward this goal, we created Daily Jour.

By transforming Daily Reflection into Daily Jour, we’ve:

  • Separated it out from all other in-app content
  • Created more questions for our journalers to answer
  • Indicated the goal of each day’s prompts, allowing journalers to fully understand the mindful practice they’re participating in

How to get started

To begin taking a little more time for yourself, spot Daily Jour in Jour’s bottom menu bar. New questions are released every day at midnight.

We hope that this new Journey will be a useful tool for reflection and growth. If you have any thoughts or feedback that you’d like to share with us as you embark on this Journey, please feel free to get in contact with us any time by opening the app and then shaking your phone.

With care,
The Jour Team

Click here to download or update Jour from the App Store.


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