Campus Shadows

When the sun sets at USC, hundreds of lamps turn on to illuminate the campus. Even at night, the campus stays lit as bright lights cast harsh shadows across every floor and wall.

The gate of the cinema school has rails and rings.

Warm yellow lights shine on the gate.

A bright spotlight shines from behind The Wild Bunch statue, shining a football scene onto Heritage Hall.

At night, the campus empties and the previously car-filled streets are vacated.

Some people still hang around campus. At the university church, musician, Joe Spampinato, plays on the outside piano.

On the outskirts of campus, street lights shine on the surrounding trees.

The sprinklers also turn on at night.

Gates secure buildings like the Shrine Auditorium across from the USC campus.

Lights illuminate the campus water fountains like the one at Leavey Library.

Water fountains like the one at the cinema school look like crystals above the fountain lights.

At a USC apartment, a fire pit blazes at night and gives a place for students to relax or do some work.