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Reporting Trip: Timothy Road Elementary School

Photo: Shania Shelton

As part of my reporting on voting in Clarke County during a pandemic, I visited Timothy Road Elementary School to learn about different precinct and voting options. I learned of the different places in Clarke County where you can vote, including many schools. There are currently 24 voting precincts in the district.

Looking into voting precincts, I discovered there’s only a select few locations where you can vote early. Although Timothy Road Elementary School is not one of those options, early voters can go to one of the five locations on select dates, including the Board of Elections Office, starting October 12.

Based on looking into precincts and options for voting, I discovered that Clarke County residents are provided with information on different options, how to register to vote online, absentee voting, advance voting, forms of identification, polling locations, residence information, voting on election day, voter registration, and a voter checklist.

This information gives me insight into the options Clarke County residents have when voting. It also brings up the question of what information residents who don’t have access to these various sites have, as well as the residents who may not have access to the different forms of voting.




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Shania Shelton

Shania Shelton

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