Students Speak Out About Face-to-Face Instruction

Tyler Johnson
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3 min readApr 7, 2021

Students have differing opinions about in-person classes resuming at the University of Georgia. One expert explains why UGA would want to continue classes in person.

How have students felt about being on campus and having in person instruction? Some students felt as though the decision the university made was the right decision in order to get away from toxic family environments. While other students feel as though they are being negatively impacted mentally because of the added confusion brought with three different class structures: asynchronous classes, in person classes, and fully virtual classes.

“I’ve benefited more from being on campus, mainly due to personal reasons. And this gives me a space to myself…”

Etta James also described how being on campus has allowed her to do her on campus job, which she would not be able to do if the campus was closed. Many students also feel relieved to be able to have their own space. According to some students are struggling with the transition from living on their own to being back with their families. Some students in the past may have been abused, sexually, mentally, or emotionally by a family member they may live with, which can cause added anxiety to the already taxing pandemic.

Public Health Expert Justin Ingles described the costs and the benefits of students being on campus and in person instruction resuming. He believes that limiting in person instruction isolates students and is not good for the health and long term well being of the university. He said that students cause spikes in cases to rise in the Athens Clarke County area, and they contribute to the spread of the virus as well. For business owners students being on campus helps them gain revenue, because when they are not here it is a huge loss in revenue.

The President of Black Male Leadership Society Quin Thomas has had difficulty with remote learning. He discussed with me how it can be very confusing to have three different class structures: asynchronous classes, in person classes, and fully virtual classes.

“ Most of my classes are on zoom, I feel like it makes me more inclined not to care about my classes, which then leads to all of this stuff being due, or me having two tests and me being like, Oh, crap. Now I need to cram, and study…that takes me on a whole other level of like, anxiety and frustration and stress, I’ve kind of neglected those classes”.

Students are having to be even more responsible with staying afloat with their work since before the pandemic. Overall being on campus has allowed students to have their own space as well as do their on campus jobs. It also allows the staff in the dining halls and the cleaning crews to stay employed during these hard times.