3 reasons why I write.

Writing is hard.

No one is there cheering you on. You don’t gain a lot by being good at it. It’s not a profitable hobby. Medium stars don’t exactly get the same popularity as Instacelebs and Youtubers. Most of your friends probably won’t even read your pieces.

But I still write everyday.

If someone asked me why, I’d give them three main reasons.

1. It’s an outlet.

My mind is a mess. It’s filled with negative emotions, positive outlooks, ambitious dreams, seething pain, creative ideas. It’s a smorgasbord of random thoughts, thousands of lyrics, and the rare genius streak. If I didn’t write, I’d be running around with thousands of things I’d want to say, but no one to hear me.

A piece of paper is a friend to pour my heart out to, a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen. It’s a trash can to throw negative thoughts out and a pedestal to showcase my best ideas.

Writing helps me figure out what’s happening in my mind.

2. It’s easy.

I love the freedom writing gives you. You can write about literally anything. Write about taking a trip to Japan. Write about your laptop keyboard. Write about your favorite game. Write about your grandpa’s old gun. No one can tell you what to write, and no one ever will.

Writing is not limited by place or time.

Write when you’re sitting in the far corner of a house party and you’re feeling lonely. Write when you can’t sleep and your mind is popping with that idea you’ve had for years. Write when you’re on vacation and you feel nothing but happiness. Write when you’re feeling ugly. Write when you’re feeling attractive. Write when you’re living the good life. Write when you’re down in the dumps. Write when you’re broke. Write when you’re rich.

Write. It pays nothing but costs nothing too. What do you have to lose?

3. I love doing it.

I love the constant drive to look around me and ask myself what’s interesting today. I love the nights where I’m so caught up in writing, I don’t notice my eyes are drooping. I love the dopamine rush of seeing 1 view, 1 read, 1 recommend. I love seeing my ideas translated into readable sentences. I love how writing forces me to learn new words and makes me open a thesaurus. I love how writing makes me appreciate reading a book even more. I love how people get to see a side of me I don’t think I’d show otherwise.

Even if writing never makes me a penny, I’d still write.

That’s why I do what I love to do. I hope someone is inspired by this post.

Hopefully, 1 out of the 20-ish people who read this is inspired to start writing. Maybe one day they’ll write a viral Medium post. Maybe they’ll author the next big novel series. Or maybe they’ll write a post on why they love to write, and inspire someone else to write too.

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