A Prayer to the transcendent Mother

Supreme Mother, manifest Thy infinite Force into those weak and frail portions of my being so that they can wake up to Thy word and action, summon all those discordant members of my being and transform them into symbols of Thy radiant Force and Power and Ecstasy and Joy of Existence so that they can utterly and wholly be transformed into everlasting harmonies of Thy ineffable Rhythm of Life.

Summon also all that is wayward and disobedient to Thy will and transform them into Thy faithful servitors.

It is only when these conditions are fulfilled in me that there can be real progress and immeasurable growth of consciousness.

I know not how to lose myself in Thee, neither do I know how to ascend into Thy heights.

I know not still how to find Thee in the abyss. And this world baffles me.

There is ignorance everywhere and a terrible falsehood that hides the Truth in things.

Ignorance must be dispelled, falsehood expelled and the Supreme Light brought into my entire nature so that everything in me responds only to Thy call and Thy transmuting touch.

May I be free from the impulsions of the earthly mire. Let my every act manifest from Thee even if I were to be in the dim and dark subconscient.

Supreme Mother, grant that I may be worthy of Thy constant gifts, and grant also that I may be worthy still of doing Thy glorious work.

13th April, 2005