Krishna as the Immanent and the Transcendent, Before and After

A Self-explanatory Note


Krishna in the mind is luminous force and pure vision of the Truth. He is not the amplification of our ethical and moral impulses, a heightened glory of a self-righteous hero but a spiritual light which has descended from the greater planes of consciousness above. Krishna is not the Supramental light there.

Krishna in the vital is pure energy and a symbol of self-exceeding self-abundant force, an intensity of a greater spiritual truth. He is not the Supramental light there.

Krishna in the physical is ecstasy of being and self-revealing glory of an embodied truth. He is not the supramental light in the physical.

Painting by Preti Ghosh

Krishna in a self-revealing glory is creative Gnosis in the mind. He transforms our ethical, moral and even spiritual impulses into Truth-Consciousness. He is not the mental light there.

Krishna in a limitless, self-manifesting Force is the infinite abundance of Supramental Conscious-Energy in the vital. He is not the vital light there.

Krishna in a self-exceeding Matter is the true Individual transcendent and the infinite Being of a boundless, ever-expanding, Supramental Matter. He is not the physical light there.

Note: The idea was nothing more than a derivation of a greater Truth already in manifestation, which Sri Aurobindo had established here in the terrestrial, but certainly an attempt to explain in mental terms the evolutionary adventure of Krishna through the dynamics of the Divine Shakthi. Krishna is a bridge between the terrestrial and the Supramental, but if looks closely at all, one comes to understand that he is not limited by his own existence or by the states of his spiritual consciousnesses and transcends them even in the acts of his all-pervading immanence here as elsewhere, for he is the supreme Purusha beyond which, if there is anything at all, he himself alone is.