Traditional Vedic School — An Appeal

Veda Paatshaala is how a traditional Vedic School is called. These were usually Temple driven institutions devoted to teaching and preservation of the Veda.

It is well know and researched fact that Hindu temples are under the control of the State governments in India. Funds and donations meant for a Temple gets diverted to the State’s revenue. Needless to say this starves the very roots of Hindu culture and tradition.

Here are links to a rigorous 8 part series that documents State control of Hindu temples and institutions.

The fallout of such a bias is that there are only a few Vedic Schools running now. Our interest in the Veda derives from a lived experience of the Vedic affirmations and truths and not mere scholarly interest or academic curiosity.

Yesterday I came across one such cry for help from a Vedic School located near Vijayavada.

Twitter members(@brakoo & @crazydiode) dug out information about the school. I too spoke to one of the members in the school, since they knew only Telugu. Here are the details.

One of the contact’s in the school is Mr.Sai Kiran Sharma, who can be contacted at +91 80088 28817, if you wish to learn first hand what they do..and of course they can only speak Telugu.

It is our appeal to all Hindus and those who know or wish to know the Veda, to donate whatever amount they can.

If you cannot donate, then support them with your good will.

Their account details are:

For those who wish to know about the Veda, I recommend Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo. You can download a copy here.

Go here if you wish to listen to Rig Veda being chanted.

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