Verses on Rudra, All-Slaying Hoot

O Thou of the mystic mint of the Divine, breath of the divine Light, who art Thou in the energy of the fierce outburst of the white Will?

They call Thee the Hoot of the heaven of purple ambience, God of the impenetrable Solitude, but Thou must reveal unto me Thy vast secret; to my heart Thou must send the mystic bird of courage, and me Thou must love, O Godhead of the divine Fire.

Thy ways are a working of an intangible Light, not a violent exhibition of an abandoned might; neither they are darkened by the power of the evil and the hostile.

Bullied by the hostile fear, my heart trembles and my mind is weakened by the fearing ignorance in me, and I see no light in the events of the things of the consciousness.

Wouldst Thou be only a witness, O Sire of Love? Pace forth, O father-God, to the troubled regions of my heart and possess my mind in Thy limitless courage; to me arise through the special vehicle of concentration in the highest intensities of Tapas.

Thou art the purple Body of the divine Shiva, His comrade in the undertaking of the act of the Spirit. Thou art He, the divine Mind of the solitary Light, His purple outbearing in the world of evolution.

O Friend of my soul, bless my adventure into the vicious path of the engulfing darkness by which I might find the Light of Krishna, for He sleeps in a superior comfort of the divine Ananda and flutes a music of His golden intention into my heart.

O Thou Spirit august, help me to reach the feet of the divine Herd-boy; Thou must do it for me, O formless Form of divine wrath.

O purple-faced Light, reach me in the hours of the call of the Spirit. Be myself in all that I do.

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