Dress Code: Resistance

By Hugo Herrera

Mexico is considered the second country with most hate crimes from homophobia in the world” (CCCOH). In a macho, racist, and homophobic country… Being an LGBT+ community member, you have to embrace and live with pride your skin color, sexual orientation, and ethnic identity. Despite living in Mexico City, the country’s capital, and being an “innovative” city in rights for people of sexual and gender diversity, it also represents the city with the most murders registered by different community organizations LGBT+ that revealing the most victims of crimes are trans women in 44.5%, followed by effeminate men in 40.7% (Fundación ArcoÍris).

This allows us to imagine and empathize with those people from the LGBT+ community who live in other states or cities of México, where public policies and differentiated care have not yet advanced on issues of equity and equality. With my work, I seek to celebrate the freedom and diversity of LGBT+ Mexicans. Through traditional elements of the culture of Mexico to commemorate those who fought before, but also welcoming new generations who resist with pride, being who they are, doing it with joy, stories and narratives of self-love and love to others, stories that are possible and that also exist.



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