Strength and Beauty

NOTE: these research summaries were initially developed by LGBTQ+ representatives from RAND, SPEC, and A.B.O. Comix based on their personal reactions to the themes depicted in the selected artwork. Individual artists may or may not agree that these summaries are the best representation of the themes in their work. We have solicited artists’ reactions to the themes and will update these summary pages over time based on their input.

LGBTQ+ people must find ways to recognize our strength and beauty in ways that counteract societal messages to the contrary. This includes systems (such as policing and incarceration) that punish “deviance” in various forms, including diversity of sexuality and gender expression. Developing LGBTQ identity pride is an important part of our personal journeys. Some artists expressed their pride directly, others through messages of redemption or homages to cultural icons.

Artists in Theme

Leandra Anderson, Edee Allynnah Davis, Jorge Gonzalez, Solo, janetter xoxo, Scary Movie, Tyreise Swain, E.L. Tedana, Billy Thomas, Kinoko, Brian Whetstone


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