A Rumble In The Sky

A poem.

Brian Kurian
Sep 5 · 1 min read
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

I hear a rumble in the sky,
and I’m wondering if it’s my time to die,
the gusts of wind are heavy,
take me as I am baby, I’m ready.

The ocean water is rising,
I can see boats in the distance capsizing,
destruction on land is imminent,
as we prepare ourselves, we must be diligent.

They say the Bahamas is dealing with total destruction,
it’ll take years for them to finish their reconstruction,
then Florida was hit a little while later,
proving that Mother Nature can be a cruel traitor.

I’m sitting on the couch anxiously awaiting,
watching the news as they show the hurricane rotating,
looks like we are the next ones on this storm’s path,
curious to see the aftermath after she unleashes her wrath.

Written by Brian Kurian, All Rights Reserved 2019

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Brian Kurian

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Journal of Journeys
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