How Managing My Money Helped Me Lose Weight

Measure measure measure

I have recorded my weight almost every day for the last 3 years. I have a food log for almost every day of the last 4 years. I keep a check register and have updated it daily since 2012. I keep a personal net worth sheet and update it every quarter.

  • Workouts competed
  • Changes in pant size
  • Interest charges saved by paying down principal
  • Money saved with coupons

It’s important to note when you fall off track

Over the course of both my savings goals and health goals, I noticed food binges and spending sprees tended to happen around similar times. Eating and/or purchasing something was my way of stifling underlying stress.

Playing the long game ended up being more fun

I love posting side by side before and after pictures on Instagram. It is the best way to show what physically changed for me. Selfishly, these posts also tend to gain the most traffic over other photos which reinforces a positive reinforcement loop for me. It comes with praise and recognition. I’m not bragging — I’m just telling you… it feels good.

My budget and my meal plan was preplanned

I’ll need to do a better post about this in full detail. But for now, I’ll summarize how I managed my intake and expenditures.

Everything went back to basics

This one is simple… because, these changes made life more simple.

You’re going to have to tell yourself no

Circling back to Kelly McGonigal’s explanation of dopamine in our quest for reward, it’s important to note that our urges to eat or spend are exceptionally strong because of what we believe we will feel after the meal or purchase is complete. Tell me truly — how many times have you consumed an unplanned treat without feeling guilty? Did that new shirt truly change your life?

I learned to stop wanting things that don’t benefit me

If I could give you the option of never wanting sweets again and therefore never eating sweets again, would you take it? Some people will answer with a resounding yes but the majority of people will stop and think about it. Giving up something we love, especially if it’s something that isn’t good for us, is a process of untangling why we want it. It’s not easy.

Hitting your final goals makes you move from living from scarcity to abundance

This is by far my favorite benefit of meeting both of my goals.

Any of this sound like something you want to explore?

All of these items take time and guidance to implement. They’re skills you can learn and reuse. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, move on over to the “ contact me” page!

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