Lock-Down: A Cat’s Perspective

A first-person account from a Very Concerned Cat

Photo by Author

I used to have three people, and I’m down to one.

Where did my people go?

A While Back, my girl Felicia put me in my Little Taxi and latched the door like a cage except the safe kind of cage and we drove a Long Way to our new house, which wasn’t a house at all. She carried me in my Little Taxi up one flight of stairs and opened the door to our new home, and it was just one story and only six rooms. It did not take me long to explore all of the rooms. Everything was Safe.

And there were two other girls there.

Three girls and one cat is a good balance. Six hands to give chin scratches and belly rubs and snuggles all to me.

I was Happy before, with my one girl.

I was Very Happy to have three times as many girls in this new small place. I especially liked the girl Cathlyn and how she has a big metal thing that heats up the room extra warm most days. And I like the fuzzy blankets she keeps on the bed. It’s a snuggly room.

For a Long Time, long enough that the birds outside the window went away and the colored parts of the trees fell on the floor outside and the white stuff floated from the sky and the trees started growing new colored parts, which is a Very Very Long Time, me and my three girls had a nice good routine.

In the morning, very early when I like to wake up, Cathlyn woke up, too. And I would eat breakfast and she would drink the steamy liquid in a big cup and we would snuggle and I would close my eyes and purr so she knew I was Happy. And the other girls would wake up later and say good-bye and give me good scratches and I would purr so they knew I was Happy and then they would leave for A Long Time.

Cathlyn would sit with the screen and tap-tap-tap away all day and I would sit next to her and it was nice to snuggle. Sometimes I even helped tap-tap-tap. I am a Very Helpful Friend.

Except then sometimes Cathlyn left, too. And then I only had myself and the soft blankets to snuggle with. And I worried about my girls and if they would come home.

They always came home.

Late in the day, the other girl Maddie would open the door. And then my girl Felicia would open the door. They would make dinner and they would talk to each other and usually what they would talk about was me because I am a Very Good Boy.

After dinner, Felicia would let me lick the bowl because I am a Very Good Boy.

And then we would play.

And then we would snuggle.

And Cathlyn would go for the Long Nap on the bed and I would snuggle in the gathering room with Felicia until it was time for the Long Nap for me. I take my Long Nap in the warm, snuggly room with Cathlyn. I like to curl up right close to her head in case she wakes up and is worried. Then she knows I am there and there is no worry. When she wakes up, I purr. Just so she knows I am there.

But I also liked to scratch at Felicia’s door sometimes. So she wouldn’t forget me. She kept the door closed so I could scratch at it. She liked when I reminded her I was there. Sometimes she would come open the door. Or tell me to stop it. It’s because I reminded her. She remembered.

Now Felicia’s door is always open.

And she is not there.

And the other girl Maddie is not there.

Where are the two girls?

Cathlyn is here. But she leaves every day for A Long Time. She always says she is Going For A Walk and she will Be Back Soon but I wonder when.

She wears a Thing now, it covers her face. I cannot see her smile and I wonder why.

So far, she has always come back, every time. When she returns I am sure to meet her at the door. I boof into her legs with my head because I am strong and I want to tell her in a very strong way that it was Very Hard to be here all alone.

She says she will pet me in a Minute. I try to be patient, but I also do not want her to forget she promised so while she takes off her coat and the Thing that covers her face and she rubs her hands under the water and the foamy stuff for A Very Long Time, while she does all that I rub my whole self against her legs.

If I leave enough fur on her, she won’t forget me.

When she is done rubbing her hands with the water and the foamy stuff and the soft blue towel, she reaches down and gives me a good scratch. I purr so she knows she is important. So she knows I waited for her. So she knows I am here.

Then I lead the way into the warm, snuggly room.

Cathlyn doesn’t do as much of the tap-tap-tapping right now, so she doesn’t always need the screen.

So when we are in the warm, snuggly room she lies down like she will take a Nap except it is not Nap Time. This is when I hop onto the bed and I climb onto her chest and I lie down and close my eyes and she pets me and she tells me I am a Good Boy and I purr.

If I purr hard enough, if I hold her down with my purr, she won’t leave me.

She won’t forget me.

She will have to stay.

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