My Time Is Coming

A poem about my quest to become one of the best writers in the world.

Brian Kurian
Oct 13 · 1 min read

I walk in the pale moonlight,
everyone told me to go left, but I chose to go right,
I’m a nobody who loves to write,
in this arena is where I feel my star can shine bright.

As I fight against this writer’s block,
I know my time is coming, set your clock,
writing is a tough business,
most people have no idea of this.

Everybody thinks they can just put words on the page,
and make millions of dollars in this day and age,
little do they know that most people quit,
as soon as they face a tough minute.

But I shall remain steadfast in my quest,
to become one of the absolute best,
in this writing game,
someday, the whole world will know my name.

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Brian Kurian

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Journal of Journeys
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